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Cofense acquires Cyberfish: The future of email security, today.

Cloud-native email security combines Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence with the world’s largest crowdsourced Human Intelligence community to stop phishing attacks fast.

Less is more.

Working in tandem with your existing email security from Microsoft Defender for O365 or Google Workspace you can reduce email security vendor solutions and increase effectiveness. Cofense’s comprehensive Phishing Detection and Response (PDR) platform is bolstered by Cyberfish’s Computer Vision and advanced AI technology. A cloud-native solution, the Cofense PDR platform can be deployed as a suite of products or delivered as a managed service via our worldwide Phishing Defense Centers.

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The future of email security is here.

Cloud-native phishing protection by Cofense.

Over 90% of breaches start with a phishing email. Old, outdated, expensive and slow to deploy technology from Proofpoint, Mimecast, Symantec, and Cisco – designed for legacy architectures – aren’t stopping your phishing problem. But Cofense can with a new generation of email security.

We combined the Computer Vision and AI from Cyberfish with our unparalleled phishing intelligence, supported by automation and the real human intelligence of over 26 million people around the world. Now, organizations can stop known and unknown phishing attacks that bypass existing controls with less vendors more cost-effectively.

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