Identify and quarantine threats in minutes

Remove phishing emails across your entire organization with Cofense Vision™

Quickly detect and stop attacks

When it comes to phishing threats, every second counts. Undetected threats can lurk in your network for weeks or months, and can cost your organization millions of dollars. With Cofense Vision, you can search and quarantine emails within minutes, or set a policy to autoquarantine with no intervention — across your entire organization.

Security you can count on

Even with perimeter controls, phishing attackers still find ways to reach users’ inboxes. A single click can result in data theft, loss of funds, and reputational damage. With Cofense Vision, you can search, quarantine, and destroy all email threats that are active in your environment. And your team of SOC analysts or incident response experts can help you find elusive threats before they cause damage.


Flexible, compliant deployment

Cofense Vision can be deployed based on your needs — on-premises, in AWS, or in Azure. And all of the Cofense Vision functionality is available in a fully RESTful and documented API. Email ingestion supports both industry-standard SMTP and journaling. You can even meet regulatory and audit requirements while remaining in total compliance.

Phishing Detection and Response platform

Our platform has a singular purpose: to quickly catch the phishing emails that bypass your email gateway. Cofense delivers the technology and advanced insight needed to rapidly detect, analyze and auto quarantine phishing attacks.


Detect and report phishing threats that hit the inbox, within minutes.


Reduce security operations burden through automated responses to phishing attacks.


Integrate the crowd-sourced intelligence of millions of users into other security systems.

Discover how Cofense helps protect your company against real, constantly evolving phishing tactics.

Cofense’s Security Awareness LMS™ was developed to reinforce the behavioral conditioning and experiential learning delivered through the Cofense PhishMe™ family of products with the ability to expand phishing awareness training in areas of security and compliance important to your company.