FREE Domain Impact Assessment

Learn if your domain or users may have been impacted by Geodo/Emotet phishing emails, malware, and credential harvesting.

Cofense has reported on a new advanced Geodo/Emotet campaign imitating major US banks. Variations of these phishing emails gain added legitimacy, with the intent to foster a false sense of security, by containing Proofpoint URL-wrapped links. While the Proofpoint wrapped URLs are benign, the email attachments contain malware designed to compromise your users’ computer and harvest credentials.

For a limited time, Cofense will provide an assessment to give you a better idea of whether your domains may have been impacted. We will scrutinize the last 30 days of collected threat intelligence and send you a listing of any credentials (partially redacted) that we identify and correlate to your corporate domains.

Armed with this information, you can take action to protect your network and your brand. To order your Domain Impact Assessment, just complete this form.