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The Problem is Not Going Away

Phishing remains the #1 attack vector and a top concern for global IT executives. No wonder. Nearly 80% have dealt with an email-related security event and over 1 in 4 receive 500+ suspicious emails weekly. Yet over 50% lack confidence in their response capabilities. To be ready for the next attack, check out these phishing incident response resources.

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Leveraging Human Cognition to Stop Phishing Threats

Learn how malware has evolved and what’s coming next.

Cofense Malware Review. WannaCry and Petya/Not Petya grabbed headlines. But what lesser known malware has reshaped the landscape? What trends do you need to be ready for now? The Cofense Phishing Defense Center has the answers in its annual review. See how attackers are quickly exploiting newly disclosed vulnerabilities, how cryptocurrencies are driving phishing attacks, and much more.

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See how one company stopped an attack in 19 minutes.

Cofense Case Study. Imagine a cunning phisher: he knows his craft and sends your users an email appearing to come from your CEO that bypasses all your other technology. What would you do? A Cofense customer faced that very scenario and relied on Cofense TriageTM and the Cofense Phishing Defense Center (PDC) to analyze, respond to, and resolve the attack—in less than 20 minutes after it launched.

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Learn about readiness in the UK, Germany, and neighboring countries.

Phishing Response Trends: Europe. Cofense surveyed 500 IT executives in the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium. See how gravely they rate the danger of email-based attacks, how well prepared they think they are, and their plans to upgrade phishing defenses. Compare European trends to data from our U.S. report. Ask yourself: how does your organization’s response stack up?

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See 5 new ways attackers are phishing you this year.

Phishing Predictions eBook. For every opportunity the Internet creates, a new risk emerges, a new crack in the dike. When it comes to phishing attacks, where are the cracks appearing? Learn the emerging phishing trends you need to keep on your radar. See how the cloud, cryptocurrencies, and the enterprise growth of Macs are helping to redefine the threatscape.

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