With Cofense Intelligence™ Be Better Prepared to Stop Phishing Attacks in Their Tracks!

Well, you got here, so you see that Cofense Intelligence creates rules for Cofense Triage™.  If you had been a customer, clicking on the revealed intelligence link from Triage would have brought you to a detailed write-up of the campaign from which that Triage or Yara rule was written. The Intelligence Team provides rules for Triage every week, giving Triage an advantage in protecting your organization against phishing attacks.

Cofense Intelligence provides high-fidelity, timely indicators of compromise (IOCs) to ensure that your organization has the best phishing defense posture possible against today’s attacks. Easily integrated with Cofense Triage, when an IOC provided by our Intelligence Team shows up on your radar, Intelligence customers can benefit from increased context and detailed accounts of the campaign that may have just targeted you.

As a Cofense Intelligence customer, you would have:

  • A direct API feed of the indicators of phishing campaigns analyzed and vetted by our team of analysts to ensure their reliability. Say goodbye to noisy feeds riddled with false positives. What SOC has time for that?
  • Context-rich write-ups of every campaign analyzed. A single IOC does not tell you what else to prioritize and look for in your environment, or what delivery mechanism may have been responsible for a compromise or attempted compromise. Our Active Threat Reports can.
  • Strategic assessments written by intelligence analysts who monitor phishing attacks day-in and day-out provide insights into how the phishing threat landscape is evolving and what lies around the corner. Trust the true experts in phishing when it comes to the most common attack vector. After all, phishing remains exactly that- the most common initial infection vector!
  • Customer calls and alerts when a major evolution takes place in phishing, or within malware predominantly delivered via phishing.

Top-notch protection

2000+ enterprise organizations trust us and our 27 million human sensors to keep their business and their assets safe.

We process Cofense reports first because we know if Cofense is reporting it, it’s bad. Cofense Intelligence is the most accurate phishing threat info we receive and it’s easy to consume.

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Large Financial Organization

Our ability to protect customers has improved dramatically with Cofense PDR suite as has customer satisfaction

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