There are plenty of online sources offering phishing awareness tips and advice on how to protect against phishing attacks. Some sources offer good advice. Unfortunately, some don´t. Some are merely clickbait, not useful phishing awareness tips.

If you’re reading a website that doesn’t tell you to be skeptical of all emails, it’s not giving sound advice on how to protect against phishing attacks. After all, every email address can be spoofed.

The right training can provide advice on how to protect against phishing attacks. Look for a program that conditions employees to recognize and report phishing—and become an active part of your cyber defense.

Providing Advice on How to Protect Against Phishing Attacks via Training

The best phishing awareness tips are part of comprehensive, interactive and customizable training. Users need to know why they are being targeted, what the objectives of phishing emails are, and the consequences of clicking on a malicious link, opening an infected attachment or responding to an unauthorized request for information.

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The best way to absorb and remember is to learn with interactive tools. This is particularly true when sharing advice on how to protect against phishing attacks. For example, phishing simulations give users a better understanding of the types of threats they face in different scenarios. Results from these exercises can also provide trainers and security teams with information about the weakest and strongest links in their online defenses.

The importance of customizable training cannot be underestimated. Phishing awareness tips, no matter how practical, won’t stick if the advice is irrelevant to their jobs. For instance, employees in finance and those in high-level positions throughout the company need to be on guard against business email compromise attacks. But the time of employees in sales, marketing and development may be better spent learning about threats from social engineering, social media and cloud computing.

Phishing Awareness Tips from the Leader in Phishing Protection

Cofense is the leading provider of phishing threat management for businesses concerned about growing phishing attacks. Cofense’s intelligence-driven solutions include a comprehensive, interactive and customizable simulator that conditions employees to recognize phishing and become a source of attack intelligence. Launched in 2008, Cofense has helped hundreds of businesses across the world reduce susceptibility to phishing up to 95%.

Besides sharing phishing awareness tips via award-winning Cofense PhishMe, Cofense´s Reporter, Triage and Intelligence tools accelerate the reporting, prioritizing and identification of phishing threats. The platform is supported by a rich library of resources, industry-leading customer support and free computer-based training modules with yet more tips on phishing awareness.

To learn more about phishing and arming employees with phishing awareness tips, contact us to request a free demo of Cofense in action. Our team will be glad to discuss your specific vulnerabilities and explain how Cofense can condition employees to help fight phishing. You never know when the weakest link in your online defenses will be break. Don´t wait—a contact us today.

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