Cofense Email Security

Dialing into Vishing

Defend Against this Escalating Threat

Ever received a suspicious sounding email from “your CEO” or “the finance department” asking you to call a phone number back to immediately address a concern? If so, you may have been Vished!

In a Vishing attack, hackers compel employees via email to call a phone number, and then use creative messages in a voice recording to steal sensitive information. A Vishing attack may try to trick employees into giving up passwords, logins, or other sensitive data, and the big problem is – Vishing works and exposes a business to a breach!

It’s essential for employees to be well-informed about Vishing and take appropriate measures to protect your organization from this threat. Listen on-demand as the Cofense vishing experts dial into this escalating threat. You’ll learn:

  • How vishing has evolved to a hybrid threat that includes both email and phone calls.
  • Why vishing threats are so successful at evading existing email security controls.
  • How to train your employees to recognize and report this escalating threat to keep your organization protected.


Josh Bartolomie

Josh Bartolomie

VP, Global Threat Services


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