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Cofense Q3 2023 Phishing Intelligence Trends Review

Cofense Q3 2023 Phishing Intelligence Trends Review

The Cofense Intelligence™️ team analyzes millions of emails and malware samples to understand the phishing landscape. Every 90 days, we deliver this updated report on the latest threats spawned by malicious email attacks. The report is full of valuable info so that you’re aware of what could be hitting your inboxes and provides actions that you can take to better protect and defend your organization.

In Q3 2023, we saw an increase in volume for both credential phishing and malware campaigns. Cofense Intelligence also observed a resurgence in some malware families that have been less common in previous quarters, while the more notable families like QakBot and Emotet remained inactive. 

Download the report for more details on the following, and more:

  • Credential phishing increased nearly 45% from Q2.
  • QR Codes embedded in images and PDF’s rose.
  • PDFs remain the most popular phishing email attachment for threat actors.

Listen in as Cofense’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysts walk through the key trends observed in email security in Q3 2023. 

Watch now and learn more about these trends and more:

  • QR Codes embedded in images and PDFs within phishing emails rose.
  • Credential Phishing indicators of compromise (IOCs) increased by nearly 45%.
  • An increase in reconnaissance and utility tool malware appeared this quarter, like Browser Password Dump Utility Email Password Dump Utility.

The knowledge and expertise shared in this webinar are indispensable for any individual or organization seeking to stay ahead of the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. Get the insights you need to take a proactive stance against email-based attacks.


Jared Sladich

Cyber Threat Intelligence Engineering Manager

Max Gannon

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst


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