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Unmask QR Code Phishing Threats

Empower Your Employees to Spot and Report Attacks

As the use of smartphones continues to increase, so does the risk of falling victim to phishing scams. One type of phishing threat that has become increasingly prevalent is known as QR code phishing. In fact, we have seen a more than 2,400% increase in QR code phishing emails in recent months.

Cybercriminals are drawn to QR code phishing due to its effectiveness and simplicity. This method disguises malicious links behind seemingly harmless QR codes, which when scanned, lead to fraudulent websites designed to steal user information. The ubiquitousness of QR codes, especially in a post-pandemic world where touchless interactions are preferred, makes them an ideal camouflage for malicious intent. Furthermore, as scanning a QR code requires less caution from users compared to clicking on an unknown link, it increases the chances of a successful attack.

Educating employees about the dangers of QR code phishing is of paramount importance in the digital age. Regular security awareness training can equip employees with the skills and knowledge to identify suspicious QR codes and avoid scanning them. With a thorough understanding of these threats, they can act as the first line of defense against such attacks.

Listen in and learn more about:

  • The current state of phishing
  • How QR codes fit into today’s threat landscape
  • A real-world example of an organization defending against a QR code phishing attack
  • How to condition your employees to identify and report this growing threat


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