Cofense Malware Review


Over the past year, three notable malware delivery trends emerged throughout the thousands of phishing campaigns analyzed by Cofense Intelligence.
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A Look Back at 2017 and a Look Ahead

Like any threat, malware evolves. Last year saw WannaCry, NotPetya, and Shamoon (again)—and those were just the malware threats that commanded global headlines.

To stay in front of ransomware, credentials theft, and more, download the Cofense Malware Review. Get insights from Cofense Intelligence on how the malware is steadily changing. Discover the trends defining it in 2017 and priorities for defending your network going forward.

You’ll learn how attackers are:

  • Quickly exploiting newly disclosed vulnerabilities
  • Changing how they use or modify flexible software
  • Taking advantage of new attack surfaces
  • Helping themselves to a deep well of publicly available resources

You won’t only learn about higher-profile threats. You’ll also examine less obvious changes in the malware landscape, plus look ahead at trends shaping 2018—for instance, the steady growth in cryptocurrencies and attacks to gain cloud access.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Companies Choose Cofense

More Companies Trust Cofense: Cofense has over 1,000 customers worldwide, including over half of the Fortune 100.

Global Customer Support: Cofense is the only enterprise-grade phishing threat management solution fully staffed across the globe, supporting customers in more than 50 countries.

World Class Phishing Research: Our dedicated research and intelligence teams continuously discover indicators of phishing in the wild, delivering the most authentic and deepest spear phishing simulation and incident response resources available.

Discovers Real-Time Phishing Threats: While other solutions rely on simple machine learning to predict risks, Cofense leverages human intelligence to detect and respond to actual phishing threats bypassing your organization’s security layers in real time, drastically reducing threat susceptibility.

Rooted in Security, Founded by Experts: Cofense’s founders and executive leaders are well seasoned security professionals with more than 80 years combined experience in the cybersecurity and threat management landscape, delivering tremendous value through decades of experience.