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Over a third of all data breaches occur at healthcare companies, so phishing defense solutions are a cybersecurity priority for the industry. In recent years, over 175 million healthcare records have been stolen or exposed. Healthcare data commands a lucrative price on the dark web. Reflecting that, companies like yours absorb a cost per stolen record of $380, compared to the cross-industry average of $141. To defend their data and bottom line, healthcare companies have invested in expensive perimeter defenses. But secure email gateways don’t catch every phish. In fact, 65% of healthcare CISOs believe their organizations will be breached as a result of an employee clicking on a bad email. Cofense has you covered with solutions blending human intel and best-in-class technology.

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See our suite of collaborative phishing defense solutions for healthcare.

Healthcare Datasheet. No matter how good your technology, some phishing emails will always penetrate your perimeter. When they do, make sure you’re ready. Cofense turns every employee into a human sensor, reporting active threats directly to your security operations and incident responders to disrupt phishing attacks before valuable data is breached.

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Learn how this healthcare company stopped an attack in 19 minutes.

Cofense Case Study. A sophisticated phishing email fooled a lot of employees. But enough remembered what they’d learned from Cofense PhishMeTM training to report the email and set in motion a swift, effective response. See how the security team used Cofense TriageTM to verify and extinguish the threat in mere minutes.

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View our by-the-numbers breakdown of healthcare cyber-risks.

Cofense Infographic. No other industry is more imperiled by cyber-attacks than healthcare. From the number of data breaches to the cost-per-stolen record, the metrics tell an alarming tale.

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When it comes to phishing, healthcare is hurting! Learn why in our comprehensive industry brief.

Healthcare Industry Brief. In this industry brief, Cofense shares exclusive data on phishing in the healthcare industry. The take-away: healthcare lags behind other frequently attacked industries in recognizing and reporting phishing emails. Discover the healthcare industry’s phishing vulnerabilities—and how a complete, collaborative defense affords the best protection.

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Learn how a regional healthcare provider customized our training to harden its defenses.

Healthcare Blog. When it comes to fighting phishing, not all users are created equal. Some groups are more susceptible to attacks than others. Cofense PhishMeTM Managed Service helped this healthcare company customize training and harden resiliency to its most serious threats.

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