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Plan Includes:Cofense PhishMe

+ Cofense Reporter
Everything in:
Phishing Awareness

+ Cofense Triage
Everything in:
Phishing Response

+ Cofense Vision
Build Resilience    
Extensive library of relevant phishing templates
Condition users to recognize evolving phishing threats, including REAL phishing campaigns active in the wild using a constantly updated library of thousands of templates.
Dynamic content updates
"Follow the Threat" approach underpinned by Cofense Research, Threat Intelligence & Phishing Defense teams to ensure phishing simulation programs incorporate new threat actor tactics in a timely fashion
Approved Brands templates
Only provider to work directly with global brands to avoid third-party trademark infringement. Cofense PhishMe also includes additional look-alike templates for most frequently abused brands.
Active user scenario delivery
Maximize program interaction and eliminate global scheduling issues by delivering simulation emails only when users are active in their inbox.
Minimized whitelisting requirements
Deliver simulation emails without potentially complex whitelisting issues with PhishMe Responsive Delivery.
Real Phish Templates by SEG
Align your phishing simulation program to the technology used in your organization. The ‘SEG Misses’ feature allows you to simulate threats that have been observed to bypass Secure Email Gateways.
Phish Reporter Button for Desktop & Mobile
Get improved program metrics and get visibility of threats that have reached the inbox. Cofense Reporter integrates with the PhishMe platform, and supports desktop & mobile clients, including Outlook, O365, OWA, Mac, Gmail & Lotus Notes.
Advanced Algorithm-based Scenario Suggestion
Optimize your phishing simulation program. Cofense PhishMe Smart Suggest uses an advanced algorithm and Best Practice to guide template selection based on previous results, organization profile and industry.
Automated Program Playbooks
Simplify program execution. Automatically create, schedule and run a 12 month phishing simulation program using PhishMe Playbooks.
Dynamic Recipient Management
Dynamically manage recipient groups, including recipient list generation from Active Directory & Outlook GAL.
Comprehensive Microlearning Education Library
Library of high quality bite-size Infographic, Video and Interactive content to enable teachable moments for users who click, or use in proactive Security Awareness communications. Support for commonly abused brands and industry or department-specific content.
Library of Security Awareness Modules
Library of SCORM-compliant CBTs, microlearning modules and games covering core Security Awareness and Compliance topics to support broad Security Awareness initiatives
Board of Directors Reporting
Communicate program effectiveness and improvements to security posture to senior organizational stakeholders.
Recipient Report Card
Quickly view simulation program results for individual users - essential for high priority targets.
API Support
Access simulation program results via API for integration into dashboards and analysis tools.
Global Language Support
Support for 36 languages ensuring global relevance & coverage
Identify Threats Faster    
Eliminate False Positives
Automatically classify and process confirmed marketing, spam and known-good emails without SOC input.
Threat Clustering
Process more reports, more quickly. Analyze threat campaigns with matching payload fingerprint rather than individual emails.
Comprehensive Rules Library
Regularly updated library of rules to identify Indicators of Phishing, Campaigns and Known Good attributes
Integrated Threat Intelligence Rules
Feed of rules from Cofense Intelligence to identify and classify emails relating to active threat campaigns
Identify Zero-Day Threats
Prioritize reports from your most trusted users. Calculate and utilize reporter reputation to identify zero-day threats that technology has missed. Quickly identify reports from VIP users.
Automated Risk Scoring
Automatic calculation of risk score to prioritize the most significant threats
Identify Evolving IOCs
Identify high-risk attributes and evolving IOCs that have bypassed perimeter controls
Integrate with Third-Party Tools
Integrate with 3rd party threat analysis tools and the wider security stack for broader context and faster response
VirusTotal Subscription
Utilize Cofense-provided private VirusTotal subscription for threat analysis, or add your own VirusTotal API key.
Safe Attachment Preview
Safely preview email attachments without risk of detonating embedded payloads.
Respond & Mitigate Threats    
Recipes/Playbooks to automate response
Reduce analyst overhead - create playbooks to automatically process reported emails meeting defined criteria e.g. trusted third-party emails
Automate user feedback
Support awareness activities and drive culture of reporting by providing timely feedback to all users who report
Share & Publish IOCs
Share and publish IOCs via email and API to support and automate up/downstream threat mitigation actions
High Performance Email Threat Hunting
Reduce exposure - find threats in email with greater speed than native tools without elevated privileges to the production mail environment
Hunt by Email Attribute
Search for email threats by known attribute (sender, subject etc)
Hunt by Payload Fingerprint
Hunt for email threats by payload fingerprint (URLs, domains, attachment hash, MIME type etc)
Quarantine Email Threats
Take decisive action to reduce risk - quickly quarantine email threats from user inboxes
Unquarantine Emails
Seemlessly unquarantine emails if required
Extensive Auditing & Logging
Meet audit compliance requirements through comprehensive auditing and logging of search and quarantine actions
Integrate with SOAR & Other Tools
Integrate with SOAR and other tools via comprehensive API
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Looking for always-on managed services for your security operations?

Check out the Cofense Phishing Defense Center 

The PDC provides focused phishing defense expertise for the enterprise, for on-demand detection and remediation of email threats that bypass perimeter controls.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m an existing customer, can I upgrade to a bundle that enables me to benefit from additional capabilities?

Yes. Your Cofense sales representative will be able to assist with pricing and any questions you may have.

How are your product bundles priced?

Bundles pricing is based on a per user pricing model, paid annually.

What is the minimum contract term for the Cofense solution bundles?

Standard minimum contract term is 12 months. 

Are Cofense solutions only available through the bundles described above?

No. Cofense delivers the bundles to enable customers to obtain the solutions that form an end to end phishing defense. However, all Cofense solutions can still be purchased on an individual basis as required. Speak to sales for further information. 

What happens if I purchase additional users in the future?

Additional users for an existing configuration will start at the current list-price tier. 

I’m an existing customer, can I swap to one of the Cofense solution bundles?

Please contact your Cofense sales representative to discuss what options may be available to you.

What deployment options do you support?

PhishMe is provided as a SaaS offering only.  All other products are available with on-premise or cloud deployment options. 

What kind of support is provided with bundle purchases?

A client can contact support via Email, Support Phone Line, and our Live Chat. Clients also have access to Cofense’s online Community, where they can participate in discussions, share ideas, solicit feedback, and obtain product documentation on both existing features and new releases. Customers who opt for Managed Phishing Defense enjoy enhanced levels of support and program management. 

Do you offer additional implementation and training services?

Cofense delivers a best-in-class onboarding experience. Our solution includes a white glove onboarding and support process by our service delivery team. The team comprises former Fortune 1,000 information security officers who have established and managed similar programs at scale. Whether you are a new client or have a new operator, our training team is here to help. Our team ensures that you get the one-on-one product training you need to get your phishing defense program up and running quickly over the phone, via online video conference, or in-person if needed. In addition, our service delivery team offers advanced training as you continue along your journey, helping you take your program to the next level. For further information on Cofense Professional Services, see here.