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Cofense Protect+ MSP

Enterprise Level Threat Protection + Security Awareness Training Built for MSPs

Threat Protection and SAT Managed at Scale

A fully automated, low-touch, email security solution that combines enterprise-grade threat protection and engaging Security Awareness Training (SAT) all in one platform to keep your clients safe from today’s most sophisticated phishing attacks.

Seamless Tenant Management

  • Protect+ MSP is built to support your multi-tenant account structure allowing you to manage their clients from a single pane of glass while still maintaining separation between their own data, individual client information and workflows.
  • The Tenant Management page allows the MSP/MSSP to onboard and offboard clients on their own with little to no interaction necessary with Cofense. And, once the process is complete, the change is reflected right on the screen.

New Aggregate Inbox

  • Aggregate Inbox allows the MSP/MSSP the ability to see his own messages as well as all of his tenant inboxes in a single view.
  • MSP/MSSP can also take bulk action from that single view to confirm and remove a potential threat from all their tenants at one time through a single click.

  • This is no other solution in the market that allows for an aggregated view and allows the MSP/MSSP to take bulk actions on messages even if they span across multiple tenant companies.

Robust Reporting

  • Report Generator allows you to build a high-level custom report in just a few clicks that encompasses the services and timeframe selected. The emailed reports include a snapshot of your Protect+ Dashboard views with your selections.
  • Monthly Reports are automatically emailed to all Admins within your account and provide insights into your Protect+ account for any enabled services. 
  • The reports are in a visual format and highly efficient once incorporated into Executive C-level reports.

Consolidate Without Compromise

  • Easily accessible detailed views of your entire client base + the ability to automate threat detection and response as well as SAT delivery.
  • Protect+ MSP leverages Cofense crowd-sourced intelligence from 35+ million users, enterprise-grade IOC matching and other proprietary intelligence sources to detect and stop email threats before they reach the users’ inboxes.

End-to-End Email Security Built to Stop Threats.

Defend your organization with our complete suite of email security solutions.

An infographic explaining Cofense's end-to-end solution for identifying threats"
Detecting email threats with AI
Respond to Threats - End-to-End Email Security Infographic
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What Our Customers Say

“The easiest onboarding ever, the user synced so fast and it started scanning in no time.”
- IT Manager, Healthcare Industry
"We love the fact the training doesn’t require employees to remember their passwords and the authentification is so seamless. We left [ our previous provider] because users kept forgetting the passwords and never completed their training courses."
- MSP IT Manager
“The reporter button is a big thing for us. It took us long time to train our customers users to “click the phish button” - but now they can’t stop clicking it!”
- MSP Customer with 17 tenants and 350 users
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they can do that using “Onboard new tenant” button on the Tenant management page.

On the Aggregate Inbox page, MSPs can view emails of their own company, a single tenant, or all tenants.

Yes. After the initial recipient sync, MSPs can select a company from the dropdown menu at the top of the page and then go to the Recipient Management page and assign services to individual recipients.

On the Settings page, you can configure Protect+ to automatically activate new recipients for the services enabled for an account. If you don’t configure this option, you must activate services for new recipients manually on the Recipient Management page.

Yes. On the Aggregate Inbox page, you can select a component such as the URL from the detected email and then confirm and delete the threat for all recipients at all tenants and for your own company.

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