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Is your organization resource and or budget constrained? Are you looking to consolidate your email security solution providers without compromising quality? Cofense can help.

Cofense Protect+ offers a comprehensive, fully integrated email security solution specifically designed to protect organizations from ever-evolving cyber threats. The platform combines robust attack protection, realistic simulation, and automated training in order to keep employees informed and secure. Powered by Cofense’s crowd-sourced intelligence network, Protect+ provides real-time protection and an “easy button” for users to report suspicious emails. Additionally, Cofense Protect+ helps organizations create the most resilient employee reporting culture possible by leveraging its comprehensive training capabilities.

End-to-End Email Security Built to Stop Threats.

Defend your organization with our complete suite of email security solutions.

Identify - Find The Phish That Bypass Your SEG
Protect - Automatically Remove Threats Missed by Existing Technology
Detect - Training for Your Team
Respond -Email Threat Analysis and Response


Protection, Simulation and Training in One Easy-to-Use Platform

Fully Automated

Fully Automated

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It simply came down to who is the most advanced in the industry and who is the most effective. We felt that Cofense is the clear leader in this space.
- Chief Information Security Officer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Effective phishing defense is a combination of advanced technology and well-trained end users who act as human sensors when a phishing email turns up in an inbox. A comprehensive platform for phishing defense can detect and stop attacks to a business network in a matter of minutes. While many companies rely on perimeter security technology from Microsoft, Proofpoint, Mimecast and others, phishing threat actors know how to circumvent these controls to get malicious email in front of employees. It only takes one employee to click a link that can result in credential theft, a ransomware attack or other types of serious compromise. Trained humans catching and reporting phish are a critical complement to sound phishing defense.

Cofense Triage prioritizes and remediates phishing threats quickly and efficiently. This SaaS product assists security operations teams by prioritizing suspicious emails reported by users. It automates analysis to help speed remediation. As soon as a suspicious email is reported, thousands of intelligence-driven YARA rules automatically assess the report, clustering it with reports containing similar payloads, and uncovering the highest priority threats for immediate action. Cofense Triage includes powerful tools for a 360-degree view of phishing emails – headers, URLs, attachments, and a powerful hex viewer. With available third-party integrations, analysts can assess a wide array of threat intelligence to determine the exact nature of the attack.

Automated threat intelligence boosts phishing defense by harnessing and directing otherwise manual tasks to stop attacks quickly and efficiently. With automated threat intelligence, phishing attacks can be disrupted as they unfold, freeing time and resources for other strategic efforts.


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