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Threat Protection + Security Awareness Training Built for the Mid-Market

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Remediate Real Email Threats Fast

Designed specifically for the mid-market, Cofense Protect+ is a comprehensive, fully integrated email security solution that combines email threat protection with Security Awareness Training (SAT) designed to protect against ever-evolving cyber threats.

Fully Automated

  • Protect+ is a fully automated, low touch solution which allows for rapid deployment and a “set it and forget it” environment.
  • Powered by Cofense crowd-sourced intelligence with over 35 million human sensors and advanced threat protection, onboarding is completed in just a few clicks which allows you to immediately start removing confirmed and detected threats from user’s inboxes.
Cofense Protect+

Real-Time Scanning and Analysis

  • Protect+ uses Cofense’s crowd-sourced intelligence and inspects emails, landing pages, and attachments in real-time to make instantaneous decisions as to whether emails are malicious.
  • Email attacks are detected upon arrival and are automatically moved away from the user’s inbox.

User-Friendly Dashboards

  • Protection and Security Awareness Training: Our consolidated, easy-to-use dashboards provide data on these two key areas with the ability to drill down to more granular individual user information if needed.
  • Easy access to Recipient Management allows customers to enable and disable all services from one screen, further simplifying the management of this solution.
Cofense Protect+

Consolidate Without Compromise

  • Email threat protection + security awareness training built for the mid-market
  • Enterprise-grade threat protection powered by the Cofense intelligence network
  • Fully-automated and easy to deploy

End-to-End Email Security Built to Stop Threats.

Defend your organization with our complete suite of email security solutions.

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What Our Customers Say

It simply came down to who is the most advanced in the industry and who is the most effective. We felt that Cofense is the clear leader in this space.
- Chief Information Security Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

Protect+ email analysis consists of several layers of detection to identify if an email is malicious. Cofense leverages our intelligence network in the form of IOC matching (driven from Cofense Intelligence), with additional algorithms that are frequently enhanced.

Protect+ analysis and detection is completely automated and driven from our intelligence models. If needed, Protect+ administrators can view more information about and move emails.

Protect+ offers the flexibility to enable protection or SAT services at the individual recipient level. If needed, you can enable Protect+ services for some recipients and not others.

Cofense carefully selects simulations based on actual threats we observe through our intelligence data. We aim to give you peace of mind by choosing relevant, real-life simulations.

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