Triage Automated Phishing Email Analysis

Cofense Triage™ Accelerates Phishing Email Analysis, Identification & Mitigation

The Faster Way to Find REAL Phish

When phishing attacks bypass perimeter defenses like Secure Email Gateways (SEGs), you rely on humans to report them. Reporting can lead to excessive noise, however, causing your security team to lose precious time as threats begin to spread. Cofense TriageTM accelerates phishing email analysis, investigation, and response by cutting through the noise automatically and surfacing the real threats faster, protecting your organization from the risk of compromise.

Phishing Email Analysis That Prioritizes Threats

A culture of user-reporting is key to stopping phishing attacks, but your over-burdened SOC team needs to quickly prioritize what’s reported. Empower your phishing email analysts to identify false positives fast to answer the vital question: “Where should we focus first?” Instead of slowing your efforts with time-consuming manual processes, Cofense Triage automates analysis, using an industry-leading spam engine to identify false positives and known bad. It then clusters reported emails based on payload to aid campaign identification. Proprietary Cofense Intelligence rules identify known threats and provide valuable analyst context.

Add Intelligence to Your Phishing Email Analysis Workflow

Threat actor tactics evolve rapidly. Cofense Triage’s library of rules is continually updated, enabling analysts to quickly isolate high-risk messages and significantly improve response time. Our library is curated by our Threat Intelligence and Research Teams, who identify emerging campaigns and develop rules to cut through noise faster. The Cofense Triage Community Exchange enables crowd-sourcing of phishing email analysis and threat intelligence. Choose to share rules you create, and benefit from those shared by others.

Drive SOC Efficiency Through Automation

Seconds count when responding to phishing threats and modern SOCs are looking to integration and automation to respond quickly and decisively to threats. Cofense Triage uses a powerful rule engine and automation through recipes to identify and action the phishing attacks that threaten your organization. A robust read/write API lets you integrate intelligent phishing defense into your security operations workflow for maximum efficiency and protection.

Cofense VisionTM Empowers Phishing Email Analysis

User-reported phishing emails are a rich source of intelligence, but what about all the users who don’t report a phish? Integrating Cofense Vision with Triage provides rapid and flexible search and mitigation to contain the phishing threats lurking in your email environment. And with AutoQ Respond, once the fingerprint of an attack is identified, future attacks can be automatically stopped in their tracks. Fast and reliable phishing threat hunting, all from a single console.

Maximize Existing Security Investments

You’ve already invested time and money into the latest security technologies, including firewalls, secure email gateways, proxies plus ticketing, SIEM, and SOAR platforms. Cofense Triage provides both built-in and API-level capabilities to integrate phishing threat detection and response into your current environment. Get more out of what you already have for a more intelligent phishing defense.

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Learn to cut through the noise and find real phish faster through enhanced phishing email analysis. Discover how Cofense Triage lets you quickly identify and prioritize phishing emails that reach the inbox.

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