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COFENSE Learning Management System (LMS)

Empower employees with award-winning Security Awareness Training content

Streamlined employee computer-based training

Cofense’s LMS training helps administrators manage content and ongoing education, and companies can easily upload their own additional content for a fully-personalized catalog and experience. Our LMS perfectly complements the behavioral conditioning and experiential learning of our awareness simulation program with engaging courses focused on real threats seen bypassing SEGs.

Continuous Content

  • Choose your favorites from an innovative and ever-expanding training library.
  • Important your own lessons and manage your Cofense and non-PhishMe learning materials in one place.
  • The Cofense team stays on top of the threat landscape to prepare your employees from real attacks.
  • Educate your users on real, timely threats detected by Cofense Intelligence. As threats evolve, so does the Cofense LMS training content.
Cofense LMS training - Continuous Content
Cofense LMS training - Progress Tracking​

Progress Tracking

  • Detailed reports and visualizations ensure that you always know how your programs are progressing.
  • Automated reminded and manager notifications ensure that employees continue to build their security awareness against today’s sophisticated attacks.
  • When you need more details, drill down to get full data in the LMS detail reports.

Easy Deployment

  • A variety of tools are available to make deploying training seamless with user sync and SSO, to automated course plans.
  • Automated Awareness Training tool sends our training periodically, reminds learners automatically and sends reports to managers.
  • Other tools like Cohort Sync makes sure the right training goes to the right groups automatically.
Cofense LMS training - Easy Deployment​


  • Cofense LMS training reinforces the behavioral conditioning and experiential learning delivered in Cofense PhishMe.
  • Companies can upload their personal content to support their competency or compliance based training.
  • Automate your security training from user sync to SSO to course plans, Cofense LMS makes security training simple.

End-to-End Email Security Built to Stop Threats.

Defend your organization with our complete suite of email security solutions.

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Detecting email threats with AI
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What Our Customers Say

“Before finalizing the LMS for the company, we tried evaluation versions of leading LMS in the market currently from the market leaders to the cheaper ones. We had budget constraints which is why we decided to evaluate Cofense LMS as well and we were not disappointed. It offers most features and we are able to train using the courses, manage reports through Cofense intuitive features. It offers a white labeling solution which is exactly what we needed.”
- IT Training Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

A Learning Management System (LMS) streamlines security-awareness and compliance training. It helps enterprise administrators manage learning content and on-going education that’s engaging and hassle-free.

Cofense LMS training is customizable, compliant with regulatory standards and scalable. Cofense LMS customers benefit from:

  • Quick deployment: With a full set of CBFree learning modules (at no extra cost), users can get started right away.
  • Customizable content: Import your own lessons, including any computer-based training (CBT) modules you already use, and manage all your learning materials in the same place.
  • Progress tracking: See if employees have started or completed their assigned modules, and gauge employee understanding with interactive learning activities.

Cofense LMS training is CBT that is client-owned. Your LMS training administrator oversees user, course and reports management with Cofense’s intuitive features. For example, rather than manually tracking users who haven’t completed their assigned activities, you can use reengagement emails and create your own on-brand templates with an easy HTML editor.

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