Cofense Intelligence


We process Cofense reports first because we know if you’re reporting it, it’s bad. Cofense Intelligence is the most accurate phishing threat info we receive and it’s easy to consume.–Threat Analyst at a Large Financial Organization

Phishing is the #1 attack vector and is attributed as the cause in 9 out of 10 data breaches. When under fire, understanding who, what and what else is as  critical for security teams as early threat detection to minimize the time an attacker is on a network.  That’s why Cofense Intelligence delivers only phishing-specific threats vetted by human analysts to eliminate

false positives.  We analyze millions of messages daily from a wide variety of sources – automatically dissecting them to identify new and emerging phishing and malware threats. Cofense Intelligence is then published in MRTI for easy integration into other security solutions and in human-readable formats for deeper research and diagnostics.

Timely, Accurate, and Actionable Phishing Threat Intelligence

Cofense Intelligence provides accurate and timely alerts so that you can be ready to take fast action when under attack. Cofense Analysts and Researchers work to analyze and verify phishing threats delivering ransomware, key loggers, RATs, and other types of crimeware. This high-fidelity data is delivered in multiple forms to effectively prepare and respond to attacks.

Consumable Phishing Threat Intelligence

Cofense Intelligence is available via a restful API to access machine-readable threat intelligence (MRTI) in STIX, JSON, and CEF formats. In addition to this human-readable threat intelligence reports provide deep-dive analysis of your biggest threats.

Phishing Experts to Guide you

Expert guidance from our global security team allows you to implement industry leading best practices, improve phishing defense outcomes, and reduce threats. Our SaaS investigation platform allows you to search threats by crimeware families and research phishing and malware attacks.

Cofense Threat Alert

It’s not easy to keep up with today’s threats.  Now, with Cofense Threat Alerts, you’ll have a simple way to stay on top of emerging phishing and malware threats and attacks. Threat Alerts was developed to provide all businesses with fast delivery and immediate visibility into emerging or changing phishing and malware trends.


Key Features

TIMELY: Cofence publishes new reports as they are confirmed throughout the day.

CONTEXTUAL: Cofense Intelligence isn't just a list of IP numbers or domains. Our analysts connect the email to the malware to the botnet. We tell you that something is bad, how bad, why it is bad, and which malware family is involved.

RELIABLE: Cofence does the analysis so you don’t have to. Our analysts dissect malware and determine which indicators are important to help you determine if malware is running inside your perimeter.

MULTIPLE FORMATS: Intelligence Feed Formats include: Machine Readable Threat Intelligence – STIX, JSON, CEF; Human Readable Threat Intelligence – PDF, HTML; SaaS Investigation platform – Web, API

INTEGRATIONS: Cofence Intelligence integrates with Cofence Triage and Cofence PhishMe Simulator to operationalize phishing threat response. It also integrates with many upstream security solutions.