Intelligence: Pre-Emptive Phishing Alerts to Mitigate Dynamic Threats



Phishing is the Most Dynamic Threat Type Your Organization Faces

Daily, we directly observe how the constant evolution of threat actor tactics, techniques, and procedures ensures a continuous flow of threats to user inboxes, with technology such as Secure Email Gateways unable to keep up. Cofense Intelligence provides the phishing alerts, information, and insights needed to proactively defend your organization against current and emerging phishing threats, and vital context to support investigation and mitigation when you need to respond.

Get Phishing Alerts for Threats That Technology Missed

Cofense maintains a unique perspective on the phishing threat landscape. Proprietary global collection sources provide an extensive real-time view into threat campaigns observed in the wild. Our visibility extends to a vendor-neutral insight into threats that are evading organizational email defenses such as Secure Email Gateways, providing an unrivaled understanding of threats that are effectively reaching end-users, every day – informing your tuning of controls and enabling proactive threat hunting.

Deliver Phishing Alerts and Intelligence to Your Teams

Truly actionable phishing alerts and threat intelligence cannot be delivered by machine alone. Combining the best of technology with analyst insights, Cofense Intelligence delivers high-fidelity, phishing specific finished alerts and intelligence, providing accurate and timely assessments of both the current phishing threat landscape and emerging trends, enabling you to make the decisions you need to proactively defend against the real phishing threats your organization faces today. All levels of the audience are catered for, from analyst to executive through Active Threat Reports, Flash Alerts, Strategic Analysis Reports, and Executive Phishing Summaries.

Cofense Intelligence Increases the Value of Existing Security Tools

To simplify the consumption of phishing threat indicators into your existing security stack, Cofense works with technical alliance partners to deliver supported integrations into common security tools including Splunk, IBM Q-Radar, Anomali, MISP, Maltego, Recorded Future, Carbon Black, ServiceNow, Phantom and Demisto amongst many others. Our SDK supports multiple standard formats and simplifies integration with any platform where a pre-built integration does not currently exist. A full list of current integrations is available here.

Eliminate Noise – Defend With Greater Confidence

Noisy threat feeds provide no value, with constant question marks over false-positives and false-negatives reducing trust and effectiveness, wasting precious analyst time. Cofense Intelligence prioritizes human-vetting of phishing alerts and threats, with analysts adhering to strict tradecraft, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of published intelligence. Phishing alerts without context can also create confusion, which is why we provide instant context around any IOC we provide. Truly actionable, Cofense Intelligence delivers high-fidelity phishing alerts and threat intelligence your teams can trust.

Deliver More Effective Phishing Awareness Programs

Phishing awareness training should never be “one and done” – the threat landscape just evolves too fast. By understanding current phishing threats and emerging trends, you can increase the relevance and effectiveness of your phishing awareness training and simulation activities, aligning and increasing your overall defensive posture to real threats, not theoretical ones. Cofense PhishMe benefits from a continuous update of threat templates, allowing you to simulate today’s phishing threat tactics, and prepare your organization for tomorrow’s.

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