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The Most Recognized Security Awareness and Simulation Solution
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Phishing continues to be the #1 security concern for most organizations.  So what can you do to help prevent becoming a statistic when your technology can’t keep pace with attackers? Empower and condition your employees to recognize and resist phishing attempts with Cofense PhishMeTM.

Changing Behavior

Cofense PhishMe was designed to change risky behavior and enable employees to recognize and report phishing emails. The CofenseTM methodology entails periodically immersing employees in simulated real-life phishing scenarios that deliver hands-on experience with safe examples and on-the-spot education opportunities. The Cofense research teams use real phishing emails to create timely examples and content focused on today’s greatest threats such as Business Email Compromise (BEC), HTTPS Spoofing, ransomware, and attachment based attacks.

Automate Phishing Programs with Playbooks and Responsive Delivery

Cofense PhishMe users can get up and running quickly and automate their phishing programs by leveraging built-in playbooks and the new Responsive Delivery capability. Cofense PhishMe Playbooks provide a series of prepared scenarios, landing pages, attachments, and educational pages distributed to run over the course of a year – easing the administration of your phishing program. With the new Responsive Delivery capability, Cofense PhishMe operators can maximize the efficiency of their phishing program by ensuring phishing scenarios are only delivered when users are active in their email client.

Imitate Real Phishing Attacks

By leveraging information gleaned from phishing emails analyzed as part of the Cofense IntelligenceTM service, Cofense PhishMe delivers the latest tricks and tactics being used in real-world phishing attacks. Cofense PhishMe scenarios recreate a variety of such real-world attack techniques and escalate the latest and most critical phishing simulations as ‘Active Threats’ that include:

  • Ransomware
  • Business Email Compromise (BEC)
  • Spear phishing attacks
  • Social engineering attacks
  • Malware and malicious attachments
  • Drive-by attacks
  • Advanced conversational phishing attacks
  • HTTPS Spoofing

Advanced, Next-Level Reporting

Cofense PhishMe provides deep metrics, benchmarking, and enhanced analytics and reporting that goes beyond simple click-rates. Board Reporting, an enhanced analytics feature that only Cofense PhishMe provides, delivers boardroom-level reporting to share with executive teams to showcase the results of your phishing defense program

Simple List Management

No more spending hours manually manipulating employee lists. Save time and resources. Just upload your user list and Cofense PhishMe will do the rest – and without needing to coordinate with email teams for access to active directories. Dynamic Groups simply define a set of criteria and the system will automatically pull the recipients into that defined group. Easy and effective!

Security Awareness – Covered

Cofense PhishMe integrates with Cofense LMSTM to automatically enroll users needing more education. With Cofense LMS, companies can leverage Cofense CBFreeTM modules and easily upload additional content for a fully-personalized catalog and experience. Cofense CBFree is available in multiple languages on over 25 topics with videos and gaming modules.

Beyond Awareness

Educating your employees to understand phishing is a great first step. Now, empower them to help fight phishing with Cofense ReporterTM and Cofense Reporter for Mobile! With a record number of employees accessing work email from mobile devices, it’s more critical than ever and only Cofense delivers this capability – for free.

Content. Content. Content.

Content is king – and it’s no different when it comes to educating your entire organization about cybersecurity threats. Cofense PhishMe has a substantial, dedicated team focused on producing the latest – and greatest – phishing, compliance, and cybersecurity content available. From videos to infographics to CBTs, Cofense PhishMe provides an extensive catalog of 1000s of education pieces for your use.

Cofense PhishMe Small Business Edition

All businesses need protection against phishing attacks. That’s why we developed easy-to-use and manage solutions specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. Cofense PhishMe SBETM helps companies with up to 500 employees improve awareness and resiliency around phishing attacks – the #1 cause of data breaches.

Cofense PhishMe Free

Cofense believes that all businesses – regardless of resources and budget – should have the tools they need to improve their cybersecurity awareness and resilience. For companies with modest budgets and resources and under 500 employees, we offer Cofense PhishMe FreeTM.

Why Cofense PhishMe?

With over 29 million employees trained in 160 countries, Cofense PhishMe has been proven to reduce the threat of employees falling victim to advanced cyber attacks by up to 95% – preparing your last line of defense to recognize and resist tricky phishing attempts.

Click Only: A phishing email that urges the recipient to click on an embedded link.

Data Entry: A phishing email with a link to a customized landing page that entices users to enter sensitive information.

Attachment-based: A phishing email with seemingly legitimate attachments in a variety of file formats.

Double Barrel: Patented technology that simulates conversational phishing techniques by sending two emails or an SMS and email – one benign and one containing a malicious element – to train users on this tactic used by APT groups.

Benchmarking: A patented feature to conduct an identical scenario and receive an additional report that provides an anonymous comparison of your results with other Cofense customers or industry peers that ran the same scenario.

Highly Personalized: Simulate advanced social engineering tactics by using specific public, known details about email recipients gathered from internal and public sources.

GET CERTIFIED! Cofense PhishMe Certification
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