Cofense Professional Services


CofenseTM Professional Services are designed to help our customers optimize product functionality, alleviate issues, and maximize the value from Cofense solutions. Cofense Professional Services consultants possess expertise focused on spear phishing detection and mitigation and can ensure a smooth deployment, ideal design, and optimum configuration of your Cofense programs.

Managed Services are for customers who want Cofense to manage the development and execution of their anti-phishing programs.  Above and beyond the standard deployment, our services are designed to assist customers with limited time or resources to ensure a successful program. Read more in our Professional Services datasheet.

Levels of Service for Cofense PhishMe

For customers that need additional support during installation and configuration, wish to expedite implementation, or require assistance with specialized integrations, Cofense offers experienced consultants who effectively deliver a variety of training, installation and standard professional services.

Cofense Consulting – This service is recommended for customers who have internal resources allocated to running their phishing program; however, they may lack industry and/or solution experience. Clients keep total control of their program in-house.

Cofense Premium – Designed for the customer who wants to completely outsource the development and execution of their program. This service is often the best match for larger customers who are running a centralized phishing program.

Cofense Multi-Entity Premium – Customers with multiple affiliates (e.g., subsidiaries, bureaus, sub-departments) running separate phishing programs may wish to consider this service. For this level, the customer would assign an internal point of contact to coordinate activities for each program they run. In the event that more than one Cofense resource is needed to support additional affiliates, one consultant will be designated as the primary contact to ensure consistent communications support.

Professional Services for Cofense Triage

Cofense consultants provide customized programs that decrease susceptibility by reducing susceptibility in ‘like’ scenarios, by increasing recognition of phishing threats as measured through reduction of repeat offenders, and by increasing the reporting of suspected phishing attempts.  Our Professional Services consultants are thoroughly trained, experienced and certified in product implementation, best practices, process, and scheduling.  Our onsite and remote consulting services programs enable customer success during the product’s lifecycle; from deployment and configuration to training, health-checks, and upgrades.

A few of the benefits of engaging Cofense’s Professional Services include:

  • Clearly defined deliverables targeted to meet business objectives
  • Guidance based on hundreds of real-world Cofense deployments
  • Proven methodology delivering full product functionality
  • Detailed planning for future use cases and capabilities

Our Triage analysts have extensive experience working with leading enterprises throughout the world, helping organizations understand and continuously monitor spear phishing threats and exposures to their network. After deployment, consultants are available to provide additional training, regular health-checks, answer questions, and help resolve issues.