Phishing Defense Services


“The information we get from CofenseTM is one of the most meaningful alarm sources for our SOC.”–Healthcare organization with over 60,000 Employees

Security analysts have a lot on their plates. They deal with a daily onslaught of potential threats.  Hours are spent digging through alerts, responding to emails, answering the phone and more to protect against threats to the organization. One of those threats, phishing emails, is an evolving, complex and resource intensive task. It takes precious time and special skills to examine URLs and attachments for malicious content and to neutralize the threat. 

That’s where Cofense’s Phishing Defense ServicesTM come in. We focus on the threat of phishing emails. Operating as part of Cofense’s Phishing Defense Center, our team of highly skilled analysts leverages the power of Cofense TriageTM to stop phishing attacks in their tracks for our customers.

With locations globally, Cofense supports some of the largest organizations in the world. Cofense Phishing Defense Services enable our customers to tap into our expert phishing analysis and technical guidance for their phishing incident response programs.

More thoughts from our customers:

“The intelligence you give us and when we get it fits right into our Incident Response processes.”
“The full details of your investigations are very valuable for us.”
“The output we get from you helps us respond better and faster.”

Powered by Cofense Triage

Cofense Phishing Defense Services are powered by Cofense Triage. Cofense Triage is the industry’s first phishing-specific incident response platform. Our experienced team uses Cofense Triage to stop active phishing attacks in progress. Our analysts use it to investigate real-time phishing attacks reported by your users. Cofense Triage helps our team dig in, separate the noise from the threats and quickly find and identify indicators of compromise.

Global Support Around the Clock

The threat of phishing doesn’t go away when your employees leave for the day. In addition to our basic Phishing Defense Services that provide regional 12-hour coverage windows, Cofense Phishing Defense Services are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for an additional cost. This enables our team to investigate reported suspicious emails from your global office locations, from business travelers halfway around the world or from someone who checked their email in the middle of the night. The bad guys don’t work just office hours, neither do we.

Investigations and Recommendations

The investigation begins when an email is reported to our team. We use our best practices developed over years of phishing incident response to continuously look for threats caused by phishing emails targeting your organization.  Once a threat is discovered, customers are quickly notified with our findings and specific recommendations for remediation. This saves you hours of effort and reduces the overall time to respond dramatically. Click here to learn about how the Cofense Phishing Defense Service was able to shut down a phishing attack in 19 minutes

Visibility and Analytics

It’s important to monitor how well your security posture evolves over time. Cofense’s Phishing Defense Services provide Monthly Customer Reports to provide visibility into important phishing trends and campaigns. This allows your organization to understand what is working (and what is not).  These reports help our customers adjust their phishing defense strategies to protect their organizations.