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Awareness Is Good. Action Is Better.

Security awareness is a great start. But what about taking action? If users see phish but don’t report them, a reduced click rate won’t keep you safe. Cofense ReporterTM makes it easy to report suspicious emails. With a single click, users can notify security teams to investigate potential threats. With real-time visibility, your SOC can respond to and stop phishing attacks faster.

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One Click Is All It Takes

Cofense Reporter is an EZ button for reporting phishing. When clicked, the Cofense Reporter button reports suspicious emails to your security team. It separates phishing simulations from emails sent by unknown sources—only emails that could be phish are delivered to incident responders. There’s no simpler way for users to report or the SOC to begin analyses. Cofense Reporter is also easy to deploy. Use it as an add-in on PC, Mac, and mobile devices with Outlook, Gmail, and IBM Notes.

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Phishing Email Report

Make Reporting a Habit

In our most recent Annual Phishing Report, Cofense showed that in simulations users equipped with the Cofense Reporter button used it twice as often as they fell for phish. What’s more, users who have the button actually showed lower susceptibility. Why? We believe it’s habit. When users have a simple tool for reporting, they use it. They build muscle memory and become conditioned to do the right thing through positive reinforcement—report.

Connect Awareness to Response

Cofense Reporter unites vigilant users and incident responders. It supplies the SOC with the original email and summarizes other valuable information needed to analyze emails efficiently: subject, headers, attachments, URLs, and more. Our button lets you switch focus from awareness (good) to reporting (better) and ultimately to stopping phish (best). It’s the key to turning passive targets into active defenders.

Potential Phishing Email
Measure Phishing Awareness

Clearly Measure Program Progress

With Cofense Reporter, you can track the most important metric, the number of users reporting. Remember, there’s no way to know for sure why users click on phish or not. Sometimes users don’t even see, much less read, an email. Reporting is a conscious action, an unambiguous indicator of how well users are defending the enterprise. Our reporting button enables you to clearly see their progress.

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