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Incident Response Playbook:

Is Your Business Ready For An Attack?

What’s in your incident response playbook for when (not if) you’re under a phishing attack?

No matter how much organizations invest in “next-gen” email gateways, malicious emails make it into users’ inboxes. Awareness programs are a key part of your defense, but what happens when users see a suspicious email? What do they do with it? Where does it go? And what happens next?

Incident Response Resources Center

The Problem

Microsoft Outlook is not an incident response playbook,

Threat actors have become smarter. They use conversational or spoofed emails from a trusted source to gain an employee’s trust and then deliver malicious payloads—or lure them into a costly financial transaction.

Our Solution:

Cofense TriageTM

Your Security Operations Center (SOC) team is bombarded with alerts from all of the tools you use to defend your network. Now they have an “abuse box” filled with potentially malicious emails. How do they sift through the noise to find the threat and how do they coordinate across all of the SOC?

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That email is somewhere on my servers but I don’t know where

Threat actors usually do not target just one user – they do their research and target a department or an entire office. The best users will report that email, but what about the ones who are away from their computer or out of the office? You need to know where that email resides across all of your users’ inboxes, so you can get ahead of the threat. That’s where a phishing response workflow can come in handy.

Our Solution:

Cofense VisionTM - Phishing Response Workflow

With Cofense Vision, your incident responders can search across all emails your organization receives and find every malicious email – not just reported ones.  No waiting on the email team—with a simple click you can quarantine emails are quarantined in your Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 servers.

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Sometimes using a phishing incident response process is like herding cats.

Just because you find a threat doesn’t mean it’s gone from your entire network. There might be malware running on a laptop communicating with a command-and-control server trying to infect other machines. The credentials of a user with access to sensitive data might be in the wrong hands. Or, a compromised email account might be used to send emails to ask for a wire transfer. Having the right phishing incident response process can mean the difference in falling prey to an attack.

Our Solution:

Cofense TriageTM - Phishing Incident Response

Your phishing incident response playbook relies on diverse teams. Your firewall team might need to block a bad URL, the helpdesk might need to re-image a workstation, or a user’s credentials might need to be reset. Cofense Triage can help orchestrate your response by notifying all downstream teams and recommending actions.

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I am not exactly sure what I’m looking for.

It is a dangerous world out there. Threat actors are quite intelligent and come up with new ways to evade your perimeter controls. What do you look for? How do you know what to look for? Where do you start? What do you do in an incident response scenario?

Our Solution:

Cofense IntelligenceTM

Knowing what to look for is half the battle. Cofense Intelligence publishes phishing-specific threat intelligence on threats as we uncover them. You get high fidelity, human-vetted intelligence, including Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) to help keep your incident response playbook ahead of any threat.

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