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Staying Ahead of a Breach in Uncertain Times: A Report from Cofense


It’s clear that cybercriminals are becoming increasingly adept at adapting their tactics in response to changes within the IT security profession – but with proper planning now you can stay one step ahead by preparing your organization for whatever might come next.

The email security experts at Cofense have studied countless trends, data points, and publications to better predict the threat landscape and industry shifts looming in 2023. We’re making 8 key predictions, as well as strategies to help organizations prepare.

So, if you’re looking for an insightful look at what’s coming in 2023, then our Cyber Threats & Industry Shifts to Watch report is for you. Don’t hesitate – get ahead of those threat actors today!

For additional information on these predictions watch our on-demand webinar to hear from Cofense CISO, Tonia Dudley, and VP of Global Threat Services, Josh Bartolomie, as they share their expert insights and more.

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