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Staying Ahead of a Breach in Uncertain Times

What Email Security Experts Predict for 2023 – Available On-Demand

A strong cybersecurity posture built for the post-pandemic era will rely heavily on the ability of security and risk leaders to plan strategically. With 90% of attacks on organizations starting in email – email security will be top of mind for CISO’s and their teams, especially as we head into a year of economic uncertainty.

Cofense Executives and email security experts have identified some of the top email security challenges CISO’s and email security teams need to consider and prepare for in order to bolster security posture, keep their organizations secure, and stay ahead of a breach in 2023.

Arm yourself with these expert insights by watching this forward-thinking on-demand discussion on the future email security landscape. Hear about these phishing threat predictions and trends for 2023 among others:

  • Cybersecurity will NOT be immune to the recession
  • Despite economic uncertainty, CISO’s won’t compromise on email and endpoint security investments
  • Why mass consolidation across email security will lead to an increase in attacks
  • Romance scams and business email compromise will continue to run rampant


Tonia Dudley

Tonia Dudley

CISO Cofense

Josh Bartolomie

Josh Bartolomie

VP, Global Threat Services Cofense

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