What Does Big Data Mean for Enterprise Security Intelligence?

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Big data is a buzzword and it certainly can be ambiguous and overused. But it is actually really meaningful – particularly for enterprise security intelligence solutions. Big Data, however, is essentially meaningless unless you have the right tools to analyze massive amounts of data.

Here are a few of the advantages that big data brings to enterprise security intelligence:

  • We can collect more data than ever before on the cybercriminal and the source of the crime.
  • Big data lets us connect more data than ever before. This helps us understand the root cause of phishing threats.
  • Through patented analytic tools, we can actually correlate that data and understand who the bad guy is, and track his behavior patterns.
  • By using big data and adding the right analytical tools, you can siphon out and correlate the data, taking you directly to the source – the cybercriminal himself.

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