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CSO Names Cofense Triage to “Best Security Software” List

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Calling it “one of the most advanced defenses against phishing,” CSO has included Cofense TriageTM in its Best Security Software for 2018. Our phishing defense and incident response software helps to stop attacks in progress and minimize the risk of breach—in minutes, compared to the average detection time of 100+ days.

CSO noted how Cofense Triage complements Cofense PhishMeTM, our award-winning phishing awareness solution, changing our focus from “pure education into threat remediation….the PhishMe product helps to make users more adept at spotting phishing scams, while Triage creates a way for organizations to tap into the newfound skillset that employees should have learned.”

CSO also pointed out that Cofense Triage reflects our organization’s embrace of “collaborative defense”—hence, the name Cofense™.

A Few Things CSO Liked:

  • Cofense Triage connects with almost any corporate email program to help manage responses to user-reported suspected phishing
  • The Cofense Triage console lets administrators see every reported email
  • Cofense Triage groups reported emails into clusters, “so admins don’t have to redouble their efforts hundreds of times for the same, or similar, phishing emails”
  • Cofense Triage integrates with most malware or threat-scanning programs, and even sandboxing tools, so reported emails can be examined for overt threats or links to compromised servers
  • Once Cofense Triage clusters an email, admins have flexible ways to respond, for example, sending the email to other admins to blacklist certain addresses or creating trouble tickets to prevent similar threats in the future

More Exciting Triage News

The CSO recognition comes on the heels of a major announcement: ADT Cybersecurity, a division of ADT Inc., is adding Cofense Triage to its bundled managed detection and response (MDR) services.

ADT Cybersecurity provides MDR services to enterprise and mid-market businesses, offering a unified platform for organizing, managing, and collecting cyber intelligence. The platform also automates security analyst workflows to close the gap between cyberattack and breach detection time and remediation for customers.

“As our commercial customer needs expand beyond the physical into the cyber realm, this offering immediately enhances our current cybersecurity solution that ADT is providing to organizations,” said Jim DeVries, President, ADT. “Phishing emails are among the most dominant form of social engineering attacks today, and by adding Cofense Triage phishing defense to our managed service and detection, we can mitigate phishing threats quickly and effectively.”

Recent Triage Updates: the Innovation Continues

When bad emails get past perimeter defenses like secure email gateways, updates to Cofense Triage accelerate detection and response.

Our Noise ReductionTM feature filters out spam and other benign emails, so incident responders can focus on real threats. Our Who ElseTM capability lets you see which users across the organization received a phish, making it easier to quarantine or delete the email. And the Cofense Triage API lets you create custom integrations among your various security solutions, for instance, integrating your Cofense Triage instance with a home-grown ticketing or SIEM solution for faster mitigation.

The bottom line: more automation and orchestration to block attacks as they unfold.

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