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Forrester: Ransomware, Business Email Compromise and AI Among Top Cybersecurity Threats in 2023

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As the cybersecurity landscape continues to change, so do the threats organizations need to worry about. With 74% of security decision-makers reporting that their organization’s sensitive data may have been potentially compromised or breached in the last 12 months, it’s pretty apparent no one is immune to cyber-attacks.

While ransomware and Business Email Compromise (BEC) aren’t going away anytime soon, there are a few new threats on the block you should be aware of. Forrester breaks down the top five threats to look for in 2023 in their latest report.


Guess who was surprised to see ransomware on this list? The correct answer is no one, which is why your organization needs to focus on ways to prevent it. From Security Awareness Training (SAT) to intelligent email security solutions, make sure you’re prepared as this threat isn’t going away anytime

BEC/Social Engineering

After $43 billion in losses, BEC is once again the number one cybercrime in reported losses according to the FBI. From romance scams to social engineering attacks, here are five ways you can stay ahead on BEC threats.

Artificial Intelligence

Advances in AI and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms like ChatGPT opens an entirely new world of threats to organizations. This emerging technology is only scratching the surface of its potential, so we need to keep a keen eye on this. One tip, if you’re using AI to defend your organization, you better have some strong, human-vetted intelligence feeding that system.

Cloud Computing

Insecure configurations continue to be a top concern for organizations around the world which can lead to sensitive data breaches.


From the Russia-Ukraine conflict to potential sanctions and bans of Chinese technology, this everchanging climate is something we must all keep our eyes on.

With the increased sophistication of attacks, it’s time that organizations combine world-class technology with real-time human intelligence to protect their email security. Combined with cutting-edge SAT, which helps empower a crowdsourced global network, organizations can rest assured they are protecting their most valuable assets.


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