How phishing will forever be a problem

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Two-plus decades ago Aaron Higbee, now Cofense CTO and co-founder, was hired by a company to help counter their exploding email spam problem, a role that evolved to addressing other internet-abuse issues. He took on threat tactics that evaded technical controls, and he never looked back.  

 Aaron shares what he learned in his article, My ‘Ah-Ha’ Moment: Phishing Will Forever Be A Problem, published by the Forbes Technology Council. In the article, he discusses what he‘s seen and uncovered about phishing attacks on organizations during his lengthy career in cybersecurity.  

In particular, Aaron mentions that he has learned: technologies can’t predict the future and that when attackers are sufficiently frustrated by an emerging preventative control, they will innovate around it.” But that by, “Actively training users to report suspicious email through carefully crafted simulations that immerse them in the experience from end to end will improve your organization’s resiliency to attacks. 

Get the rest of the story about Aaron‘s “Ah-Ha” moment, here 



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