They stopped a phishing attack in 10 minutes. It used to take days.

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Don’t you love a feel-good story? Me too. Especially in an industry where the headlines tend to be scary.

Recently, a CofenseTM customer—a large financial services company—stopped a phishing attack in 10 minutes using Cofense TriageTM. That’s a very cool story, but as they say, wait, there’s more.

First, the customer had just implemented Cofense Triage. Within a week, they identified and stopped the attack minutes after it was launched. Talk about a super-fast return on investment.

Also, according to the customer, it used to take days to accomplish what they did in 10 minutes: identify an attack based on emails employees reported; analyze the emails and spot the campaign; then respond to block the threat.

Let’s pause for a moment, folks. It used to take days. Now they could stop the attack in minutes. That’s the difference between widespread damage and another blip in your day.

10 minutes, by the way, is less time than it takes to:

  1. Boil an egg (12 minutes).
  2. Get insurance (15 minutes, if you believe the ads).
  3. Call your mom (20 minutes if she’s like mine).

Here’s something else. The email was a credential phish spoofing a major credit card brand. It told recipients there was “unusual activity” in their account. To check on it, recipients should click a link, go to a login page, and, well… you know the rest. A classic if not too original scam.

Because the customer was able to act quickly, they blocked the phishing site BEFORE any employees entered data. No one was a victim of identity theft and the attackers got no data that could have helped hack the corporate network.

One last thing to mention: those employees who reported the email were trained on Cofense PhishMeTM. Our phishing awareness solution focuses on active threats and, lo and behold, employees helped stop this one. With one click of the Cofense ReporterTM button they alerted the SOC, which extinguished the threat, no problem.

Ok, that’s the short version. Now read the story in full in this recent case study. Learn how a business that protects a lot (and has a lot to lose) stopped a phishing attack in its tracks, instead of waiting days.

Want to learn best practices on blending human intuition with automation to build a better phishing defense? Watch this free webinar with Cofense CTO and Co-Founder Aaron Higbee and Tonia Dudley, Cofense Security Solutions Adviser, to learn how to use Cofense Triage to stop active phishing attacks in their place.

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