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The Future of Email Security: Why Technology Alone Isn’t Enough

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Over the past year, the Cofense Intelligence team saw a whopping 569% increase in malicious phishing emails bypassing standard email security solutions. Just when you thought your email was secure, our insights are telling a much different story. The problem? Many organizations are relying solely on a technology-based solution while threat actors are finding more ways around them. 

In fact, 50% of all email phishing attacks, including Business Email Compromise (BEC) and credential theft, evade Secure Email Gateways (SEGs). Yes, you read that correctly. SEGs currently miss half of all advanced email attacks targeting organizations.  

Some might ask about the advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning when it comes to email security, and that’s a fair question. While they can help reduce dwell time and enhance current systems, these technologies are meant to be additive to current systems as they are only as powerful as the intelligence and data that powers them. Let’s also not forget that enhancements in AI, like ChatGPT, are also being used by threat actors to bypass current systems. 

While technology plays a large part in keeping organizations safe, it’s time we realized that technology alone is no longer enough.  

So, what’s the solution? 

You need a combination of both human intelligence and modern technology to ensure complete protection against cyber-attacks.  

Over a decade ago, Cofense recognized the power of the network effect and was the trailblazer for using crowdsourced intelligence to help detect and stop threats through a network of global reporters. Today, our network is 35+ million reporters strong and is proof human intelligence plays a crucial role in email security. Utilizing the suspected threats reported by tens of millions around the world, we can recognize and eliminate threats before they become a problem. In fact, for every 1 email reported, 20 more emails are eliminated from inboxes worldwide.  

How Cofense Combines Human Intelligence and Technology to Eliminate Threats 

The network effect combined with technology is a powerful force for email security defense. News headlines today are dominated by stories about artificial intelligence and machine learning, but it’s critical to understand these systems are only as valuable as the human intelligence they rely on. Cofense was founded on this understanding and is the only email security platform powered by a global network of unique intelligence sourceshuman intelligence, artificial intelligence, and email attack intelligence. 

Using this combination of intelligence sources, Cofense enables organizations to gain an edge over malicious actors. Cyber criminals often use techniques like phishing and social engineering to gain access to accounts or steal information. These attacks often require human expertise to recognize and thwart them. Technology can detect suspicious activity in emails and prevent malicious software from being downloaded, but technology void of human insight cannot guarantee complete protection. 

From human-reported emails to automated scans, our email security solution suite provides full end-to-end threat protection. Our Intelligence team is able to detect unusual email activity or suspicious content and provide analysis with a 99.996% accuracy rate. Meanwhile, advanced artificial intelligence algorithms allow for scanning of larger volumes of emails quickly and accurately.  

The advantage of crowdsourced email security is that it combines the power of both technology and human intelligence to create a more effective defense against cybercrime. Technology can detect certain patterns and potential threats, but only humans can pick up on subtle cues that may indicate an attack or breach. This means that organizations can have a better understanding of what’s going on in their email environment and can take more proactive steps to protect themselves. To see what our end-to-end intelligent email security solution looks like in action, contact us today! 


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