Cofense PhishMe has received Agency Authority to Operate (ATO) from the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Our phishing awareness solution defends federal employees and the data they safeguard, including personally identifiable information, by conditioning them to spot and report phishing attacks. To achieve FedRAMP Moderate authorization, which has significantly stricter security controls than FedRAMP Low-Impact authorization, Cofense PhishMe will meet the baseline for over 300 controls.


protects federal government agencies with solutions that report, identify, and remove phishing attacks. From incident response and removal to phishing awareness and reporting, Cofense delivers protection from malware threats, ransomware campaigns, and scams like sextortion which evade secure email gateways every single day. Discover how Cofense solutions give federal teams the visibility and confidence to stop threats fast.

A Company You Can Trust.

100% Founded, Funded and Managed in the US. Cofense is a U.S. company, with a 100% U.S. management team and board, plus dedicated U.S.-based support staff. We have a well-established portfolio of federal government customers, enabling agency users to report, identify, and remove today’s advanced phishing campaigns.

Condition Employees to Report Phishing

Federal agencies receive billions of weaponized emails each year. Cofense PhishMe and Cofense Reporter enable federal users to recognize and report the latest phishing threats. With input from our Intelligence, Research, and Phishing Defense teams, Cofense PhishMe simulates active threats that evade controls and land in user mailboxes. Learn more

Remove Phishing Campaigns with One Click

Users report suspicious emails. The SOC verifies. Now it’s time to search and destroy. Cofense Vision empowers federal security teams to find phishing campaigns across their agency and remove them with one click. Run email searches instantly, without disrupting the mail team, while leaving an audit trail that keeps you in compliance. It’s threat hunting at speed. Learn more

Analyze and Respond to Attacks in Minutes

When federal users report emails, the SOC can’t spend hours finding real threats in an ocean of noise. Cofense Triage automates noise reduction and email analysis, sending your SOC indicators of compromise in minutes. See why called Cofense Triage “one of the most advanced defenses against phishing.” Learn more

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With the evolution of phishing threats rapidly increasing, mission criticality must be your focus. Let Cofense help support your mission. Discover how.