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What is Email Security Awareness Training?

Although phishing represents the biggest threat to online security, Cofense knows there’s no shortage of other cyber threats. That’s why we’ve created a broader free online security awareness training for employees. In myriad ways, it helps employees and other Internet users better protect themselves, their devices and the company from online theft and fraud.

Specifically, we’ve built a series of SCORM-compliant online security awareness training modules to complement business´ existing training programs. These free security awareness training modules can be downloaded and used whether you’re a Cofense customer or not.

Cofense Security Awareness Training Pricing

CBFree – Complimentary

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What’s in the Online Security Awareness Training Modules?

We’ve made our security awareness training online modules as comprehensive as possible. In addition to covering subjects such as keeping passwords secure and practicing safe web surfing, our modules cover the physical security of devices and protecting data outside the office. All IT administrators are advised to review the module about Insider Threats.

Security Awareness Training Topics

  • Cybersecurity Awareness
  • Spear Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Security Outside of the Office
  • And Many More …

We know that engaging, interactive models make for better learning. Each module contains concise lessons with interactive play and learning activities to help absorb and retain content. Most of our online security awareness training is available in multiple languages for businesses with a multi-national workforce.

Free Compliance Training Modules Are Available

In many industries, online security awareness training for employees goes hand in hand with privacy and data security compliance. In Europe and elsewhere, there are stricter regulations vs. the U.S. on protecting personal data, implementing security measures, and taking steps to report a breach.

Businesses operating in regulated industries may wish to review these free modules in particular:

  • Health Care Compliance.
  • Payment Data Compliance.
  • Personal Data Compliance.

Like our online security awareness training modules, you can download and run our compliance training modules through a Learning Management System (LMS). For businesses that do not have an LMS system, these modules are also available as interactive PDF files. If you choose to download the PDF files, please note that Cofense refreshes the content regularly to mirror developments in online security and regulatory compliance.

How to Access the Free Online Security Awareness Training Modules

Visit our “CBFree Computer-Based Training” web page. You have the choice of downloading a sample module, the online security awareness training modules, or the compliance modules. Naturally, you can download all three if you wish! If you experiencing any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us.

To complete your online security awareness training program, request a free demo of Cofense PhishMe, our award-winning software for conditioning employees to be resilient against phishing threats. Used by more than 1000 businesses worldwide, including 50 Fortune 100 companies, Cofense PhishMe has reduced the threat of advanced cyber-attacks by up to 95% with cybersecurity awareness phishing email training.

It’s impossible to know when the next cyber-attack will hit. Don’t wait to strengthen your defenses. Download our training modules and request your free demo of Cofense simulator today.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s well known that most breaches begin as phishing emails. But no matter how many times employees are cautioned, someone still clicks. Security awareness training is designed to help employees serve as an additional line of defense against attacks that evade security controls and turn up in users’ inboxes. Since email gateways aren’t fully effective in stopping phishing emails, training is needed to condition employees to spot and resist them. Effective training can reduce susceptibility by up to 95%.

Security compliance training is employee education that is required by law. This training may also be strongly recommended for meeting industry standards or policies.

For many businesses, security awareness and compliance training checks a box to satisfy a compliance requirement. Free training that often is computer based, or CBT, recognizes this need and should meet SCORM standards. Cofense has developed a set of free SCORM-compliant materials to help meet security training mandates.

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