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Managed Security
Service Providers

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technology brands of the world.

Essential Security Support

To support small and medium-sized businesses around the globe, Cofense partners with a targeted group of elite companies to manage and administer security solutions. Our network of managed IT service engineers, technicians, and analysts can provide the dedicated resources required to help companies to take full advantage of Cofense solutions and protect against threats.

Cofense MSSP Program Overview

The Cofense MSSP Partner Program provides an array of features and benefits to ensure adequate protection and boost your productivity.

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Additional Partners

Channel Partners

Cofense works closely with innovative channel partners to offer mitigation and next generation spear phishing awareness.

Technology Partners

Cofense products and services seamlessly integrate with complimentary IT solution providers to provide complete protection.

Affiliate Partners

Our partners provide a wide-range of security resources — from security awareness training to Security Orchestration and Automation Response (SOAR).

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