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Phishing Defense Solutions for Value Added Resellers

Provide customers the most advanced phishing detection and response solutions in your security services portfolio.

End-to-end phishing defense solutions for your customers

We combine human intelligence with cutting-edge technologies to stop attacks in minutes, not hours or days. With our award-winning phishing detection and response solutions in your portfolio, your customers can have an enterprise level of protection. Our solutions allow them to find and remove entire phishing campaigns fast, while you gain new upsell opportunities and reliable revenue streams.

Benefits of partnering with Cofense include:

Cofense Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) incident response report received

A Complete Phishing Defense Solution

Phishing emails are unavoidable and constantly evolving. That’s why we provide our Value Added Resellers with everything you need to catch phish fast. Our unique combination of technology and real human insight allows you to detect and stop attacks — before they compromise your customers’ business.

Our Channel Partners

Partner with Cofense

Increase resiliency, speed up response times, and stop phishing attacks in real-time.

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Technology Alliance

Our TAP program builds integrations between Cofense solutions and security partners to help security teams leverage their security investments and operate efficiently.

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Cofense phishing defense solutions

Managed Service

Built from the ground up for MSPs, Cofense Protect provides quick deployment of advanced email security & awareness training from a single multi-tenanted UI.

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Managed Security Service Partners

Cofense Managed Security Service Providers can equip your business with the defenses, processes, and resources necessary to stop inevitable threats.

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Partner with Cofense

Increase resiliency. Improve your security posture.
Grow your business. Drive new revenue..


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