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Delivering the Most Authentic Spear Phishing Simulations and Education

Cofense’s best-in-class content is consistently evolving to stay ahead of the latest phishing trends. A successful spear phishing awareness campaign will expose your users to a variety of phishing scenarios. Educate your users on how to identify phishing warning signs with insightful, digestible educational material.

Focus on Tactics

Spear phishing emails hook their targets with more than just logos and trademarked images. By focusing on the tactics that spear phishers use, rather than the brands they imitate, our phishing scenarios empower users to read between the lines to identify attacks.

Real-World Intelligence

Cofense Intelligence analyzes millions of messages daily and identifies new phishing and malware threats. We use this research to develop our Premium Intel templates—a selection of phishing scenarios based on real attacks.

Topical Variety

Reinforce good behavior with text-based infographics, 1-2 minute educational videos, or HTML education. Supplement your campaign with CBFree, a suite of free CBT modules covering spear phishing and other security- or compliance-related topics. All materials are available in a variety of formats.


Cofense vets every localized piece of content in Simulator to ensure that it meets the needs of the local audience. Our team has provided content in nearly 50 languages to create an authentic experience for users around the world.


Welcome to the inaugural edition of PhishMe’s Enterprise Phishing Susceptibility Report! PhishMe has been collecting and aggregating phishing threat and simulation data since the launch of the Simulator service in 2008.

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Text-based HTML education provides users with a brief, traditional learning experience. Available in several of the most requested languages, this form of education gives users a comprehensive overview of awareness topics.

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Educate your users on key awareness concepts in under two minutes. Video education simplifies complex topics in short, compelling narratives with colorful animation. Videos are available with subtitles in several languages.

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interactive education

Keep your users engaged with a new educational experience. Featuring animations, graphics, and informative content, this new format will educate your users on the latest phishing threats. Each interactive education template also includes a brief self-assessment.

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phishing emails

Condition your users to recognize and report suspicious emails by using our email phishing templates in simulated phishing scenarios. Emails are crafted to entice the recipient to take an action in the same way a real phishing email would.

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Inform your users about a variety of security awareness topics like ”IRS W-2 Fraud” and compliance topics like “DFARS Incident Reporting”. Communicate via email or use the content on your intranet to keep your users up-to-date on your policies.

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