Complimentary Threat Alerts

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It’s not easy to keep up with today’s threats.  Now, with Cofense Threat Alerts, you’ll have a simple way to stay on top of emerging phishing and malware threats and attacks. Threat Alerts was developed to provide all businesses with fast delivery and immediate visibility into emerging or changing phishing and malware trends.

High-Fidelity Threat Information

Utilizing the data and analysis from our CofenseTM research teams, the information shared in Threat Alerts is all human-verified – eliminating false alarms and providing the needed context missing in other programs. Cofense Threat Alerts delivers new threats and trends to the top of your inbox to help improve your awareness and response time.

Cofense Threat Alerts

  • Significant phishing and malware attack trends delivered right to your inbox
  • Easily digestible notifications
  • Human-verified threats with context
  • Follow-up detail as information evolves

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