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Seems Phishy? It Probably Is.

We Scammed the Scammers with Gift Cards.

Here’s What Happened.

Over the last few months, researchers at Cofense have been trying to gain more insights into the world’s most lucrative cybercrime, Business Email Compromise.

Business email compromise, often known simply as BEC or CEO Fraud, is when threat actors use email fraud to attack commercial, government and non-profit organizations to achieve a specific outcome which negatively impacts the target organization. Basically, BEC’s goal is to deceive people into thinking they have received a legitimate business-related email and convince them into doing something they believe is necessary to help the company.

Watch now for a deep dive into what happened when Cofense researchers purchased $500 of trackable gift cards to intentionally give to scammers, a breakdown of the interactions with scammers that took the bait, and the insights our analysts learned from this experience.


Tonia Dudley

Tonia Dudley

Chief Information Security Officer Cofense

Ronnie Tokazowski

Ronnie Tokazowski

Principal Threat Advisor Cofense


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