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2016 Q1 Malware Review – Available Now

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Today, our research team released our 2016 Q1 Malware Review, detailing more than 600 Active Threat Reports and the waves of phishing emails that delivered malware to victims across the globe each day last quarter. Among the sea of threats reported, the proliferation of ransomware stood out as one of the most common types of malware used through soft targeting and massively distributed attacks.

This report takes a deep dive into ransomware and other pervasive attack vectors that wreaked havoc in the first quarter of 2016.

Report findings include:

  • Hot trends in ransomware
  • Tactics frequently used to bypass standard defenses
  • Stopping the threat in its tracks
  • More insights and trends

Want to learn more? Compare last quarter’s security experience with our latest malware review. Download your FREE copy of the review here.


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