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Cofense Wins 5 FISSEA Top Security Awareness Training Awards

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By Beth Ohrnberger

We are thrilled to announce that Cofense’s security awareness content was recognized at this year’s FISSEA Fall Forum. This gave us an opportunity to showcase our innovative approach to security awareness training.

Awareness Website Award: Choose Your Phish – Comprehensive

Cofense’s adaptive HTML web-series—Choose Your Phish—provides relatable, personalized experiences for learners. In this adaptive education, the learner experiences a day in the life of a payroll administrator. Throughout the story, they are presented with a series of choices, and the story is tailored according to their choices. “Choose Your Phish – Comprehensive” includes the topics of credential phishing, BEC, VPNs, vishing, and smishing.

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When the story concludes, the learner is presented with their score and personalized training based on the choices they made.

Choose Your Phish – Comprehensive is part of an ongoing “Choose Your Phish” series. Additional Choose Your Phish content is available for Cofense customers:

  • Choose Your Phish – 90 Days of BEC
  • Choose Your Phish – Behind the Phish
  • Choose Your Phish – Credential Phishing
  • Choose Your Phish – Government Contracting
  • Choose Your Phish – World Cup

Localized versions are also available.

The malicious emails in these exercises are real phish identified by Cofense Intelligence that Cofense leverages as the center of the lessons. The modules build resiliency by contextualizing real phish in a relatable and highly memorable learning experience.

Click here to view the trailer for Choose Your Phish – Comprehensive:

Training Awareness Award: 3 Tips Animated Microlearnings

Our 3 Tips Animated Microlearning series educates learners on critical cyberthreats in under 1 minute. Each video concisely explains the threat or topic and provides 3 tips to remember.

Phishing defense solutions for businesses

All emails in this series are based on real phishing emails identified by Cofense Intelligence that have bypassed Secure Email Gateways. With upbeat music and memorable animations, this series was designed to engage learners and provide practical takeaways.

Email Security awareness training for employees

Click here to view the trailer for 3 Tips Animated Microlearnings:

Also check out 2 examples from the series:

But wait, there’s more!

FISSEA is the premier organization for federal employees and vendors seeking information, community and insight into how to build and run the best cybersecurity training programs possible. This year’s Fall Forum was another great opportunity to meet (virtually) and exchange ideas, best practices, and hold discussions that foster innovation and improvement in the security awareness space. An exciting vehicle for this community dialogue was the FISSEA Awareness and Training Contest.

The contest was broken out into eight categories:

  1. Awareness Poster
  2. Awareness Website
  3. Awareness Newsletter
  4. Awareness Video
  5. Cybersecurity Blog
  6. Cybersecurity Podcast
  7. Training Awareness
  8. Innovative Solutions

The FISSEA Awareness and Training contest also had a “People’s Choice” category, and Cofense won three out of eight categories! This recognition helps to cement the position Cofense has at the top of the cybersecurity training-and-resiliency pyramid.

Choose Your Phish and the 3 Tips Animated Microlearnings are available to Cofense customers in PhishMeSCORM, and the Cofense LMS. Cofense PhishMe simulations are based on the latest threats known to bypass secure email gateways (SEGs), empowering your users to become human threat detectors. With resilient users attuned to the latest phishing threats, you have the best organizational defense. With Cofense’s Learning Management System (LMS), you can easily zero in on the security and compliance issues that are important to your company. And LMS perfectly complements the behavioral conditioning and experiential learning of Cofense PhishMe.

We’re always available to answer your questions. Contact us at any time for a demo and more information.


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