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Cofense Wins Three Information Security Awards During RSA Conference 2018

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Cofense recognized for Leader Anti-Phishing, Hot Company Anti-Phishing Training and Best Product Anti-Phishing Protection

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – April 17, 2018 Cofense™, the leading provider of human-driven phishing defense solutions worldwide, today announced company and product recognition by Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM), the industry’s leading electronic information security magazine and the premier source of IT Security information.

After evaluating nearly 3,000 companies and 500 finalists, CDM named Cofense the winners of three coveted Information Security Awards across anti-phishing categories – Anti-Phishing, Leader; Anti-Phishing Training, Hot Company and Anti-Phishing Protection, Best Product.

“Despite record investments in cybersecurity technology, phishing emails are getting past the perimeter. Rapid detection and response are critical to breaking the kill chain, with employees playing an important role,” said Rohyt Belani, co-founder and CEO of Cofense. “Organizations must combine the power of humans and technology working in unison and at scale this collective defense to identify malicious phishing, ransomware, BEC, and malware attack attempts before a breach can occur.”

Cofense combines market-leading incident-response technologies with employee-sourced attack intelligence for a complete collective defense against email-based cyber-attacks. The powerful combination of Cofense PhishMe™ and Cofense Reporter™ conditions employees to resist phishing attempts and empowers them to become part of the defense, while Cofense Triage™ and Cofense Intelligence™ strengthens an organization’s ability to quickly identify and respond to phishing attacks in progress.

“Phishing, ransomware and malware exploits are all on the rise. After reviewing nearly 3,000 infosec companies, globally, we selected Cofense for its marriage of human intelligence and innovative technology in a joint mission to help stop breaches and get one step ahead of the next threat before it becomes a breach,” said Gary S. Miliefsky, Publisher, Cyber Defense Magazine.

About Cyber Defense Magazine
With over 1.2 Million annual readers and growing, Cyber Defense Magazine is the premier source of IT Security information. We are managed and published by and for ethical, honest, passionate information security professionals. Our mission is to share cutting-edge knowledge, real-world stories and awards on the best ideas, products and services in the information technology industry. We deliver electronic magazines every month online for free, and limited print editions exclusively for the RSA conferences and our paid subscribers. Learn more about us at CDM is a proud member of the Cyber Defense Media Group.

About Cofense

Cofense™, formerly PhishMe®, is the leading provider of human-driven phishing defense solutions world-wide. Cofense delivers a collaborative approach to cybersecurity by enabling organization-wide engagement to active email threats. Our collective defense suite combines timely attack intelligence sourced from employees with best-in-class incident response technologies to stop attacks faster and stay ahead of breaches.  Cofense customers include Global 1000 organizations in defense, energy, financial services, healthcare and manufacturing sectors that understand how changing user behavior will improve security, aid incident response and reduce the risk of compromise.


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