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Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Employees


It’s well known that most breaches begin as phishing emails. But no matter how many times you caution employees, someone still clicks. And even when employees think emails are suspicious, they may not have the right tools to report them to your SOC. If your security compliance training is just meant to check a box, you’re not lowering the risks of real phishing threats.

Jumpstart Your Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Our cybersecurity awareness training modules are relevant to every business, whether you operate within a regulated industry or not. They include topics related to today’s biggest cybersecurity threats— malware, ransomware, social networking, safe surfing, phishing, and more—as well as commonly overlooked threats such as password protection, device security, and insider threats.

For employees in certain departments, we’ve built modules relating to business email compromise, cloud computing, and environmental security. Every business that gathers, stores or processes data relating to EU residents should review our module about the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Where to Find our Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Employees

To view our comprehensive approach to cybersecurity awareness training, request a demo of Cofense PhishMe. Our award-winning behavior-conditioning software can reduce susceptibility to phishing emails by up to 95%. You can customize Cofense PhishMe to reflect the threats most prevalent in your industry.

Strengthen Your Incident Response

Cybersecurity awareness and phishing email training is a great start. But what about taking action?

Cofense ReporterTM makes it easy to report suspicious emails. With a single click of the Cofense phishing button, users can notify security teams to investigate potential phishing threats. Cofense ReporterTM unites vigilant users and incident responders.

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Cofense TriageTM accelerates phishing email analysis, investigation, and response by cutting through the noise automatically and helping incident responders prioritize phishing threats. Cofense Triage provides both built-in and API-level capabilities to integrate phishing threat detection and response into your current environment.

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Cofense Phishing Defense Center provides managed phishing services to identify, analyze, respond to, and remediate the phishing attacks that threaten your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber security training enables organizations to continuously condition users to be aware of the risk presented by email or other communication methods that may be malicious and harmful to personal or corporate networks.

Security awareness training is designed to help organizations educate and condition users on phishing threats to prevent and mitigate the risk of a breach by proactively identifying and reporting an issue in a timely and effective manner. This type of training may also cover the rules and procedures for installing software, how to select and update system and personal passwords, how to safely use the internet, email and your mobile devices.

You and your end user’s are the most important defense against malicious activity and preventing a potential breach. Cyber security awareness training is designed to help individuals to understand the critical role they play in helping to mitigate phishing threats by instituting a level of awareness and accountability, that is often overlooked within organizations are security isn’t generally top of mind.


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