Strategically Understand Evolving Phishing Threats

CISOs, CIOs, and SOC management need to maintain their phishing defense in the larger context of cybersecurity. You can’t leverage the resources you have and mobilize effectively if you lack a strategic grasp of emerging phishing campaigns.

Security leadership needs high-level phishing intelligence that explain threats in context. How serious is the latest threat observed in the wild? What motivates the threat actors and how can your teams stop them? Phishing is the most common tactic for attempting a data breach—understanding it strategically is a must.

2019 Phishing Threat & Malware Review.

Prioritize Threats that Matter Most

Threat analysts must work across multiple security platforms to identify evolving email threats. To determine indicators of compromise (IOCs) and TTPs, analysts slog through high volumes of raw data, including false-positives. Many threat feeds don’t offer phishing-specific intelligence, creating more work as you try to prioritize phishing threats.

Threat analysts need intelligence focused on phishing threats, delivering not only the latest TTPs and IOCs but the strategic context and insight to stop attacks.  Trusted, high-fidelity phishing threat intelligence lets you prioritize and respond to phishing attacks in progress—plus proactively prepare for emerging threats in the wild.

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Consume Trusted, Updated Intelligence

Attacker TTPs and delivery techniques constantly evolve. You need the latest TTPs and strategic insights to understand the threat actor’s motivation and stop the attack. Without trusted, updated phishing intelligence, organizations are at risk.

Your phishing threat intelligence should be a synthesis from multiple sources, distilled into  a contextual understanding of key points: attacker motivation, IOCs and TTPs, and why and how the attack could pose a risk to your organization. This distillation should come from a trusted source on phishing defense, experts whose knowledge keep pace with evolving attacks.

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Know What TTPs Are Targeting Other Enterprises

As phishing attackers innovate every single day, it’s hard to keep pace with the tactics, techniques, and processes used against other enterprises, especially in your industry.

Your threat intelligence ought to include phishing-specific information, including TTPs and IOCs, with insights on how they are threatening organizations like yours. As TTPs evolve at a rapid clip, you need to know what’s happening now and how it relates to your business, so your teams can make the smartest preparations.

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