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Save Time and Resources with Cofense PhishMe Integrated Learning

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Organizations looking to arm their employees against today’s cyber threats have a powerful new ally: Cofense PhishMe Integrated Learning. The Cofense PhishMe platform helps organizations train their employees to recognize phishing attacks through simulations resembling real threats, while our Learning Management System (LMS) provides an effortless way to deliver training and track employee progress. And now, we’re excited to announce that these two products are now integrated! Here’s what this means for our customers:

Cofense PhishMe and Cofense LMS are now integrated

Save time and work more efficiently with Cofense PhishMe Integrated Learning. With this new add-on for PhishMe, organizations can combine their simulation, assessment, and training efforts for the ultimate user security program. This integration automates difficult tasks, like setting up simulations and learning modules for groups of users. Built upon a decade plus of threat intelligence experience, Cofense PhishMe offers simulations based on real threats which will help identify areas that need improvement while providing actionable data to improve your training programs. With this integration, users have access to the award-winning Content Library within PhishMe and can manage training modules for individuals or groups of users from one console. All this creates an integrated user security program that is sure to keep any organization secure with its unparalleled real-world simulation experience.

Learning Management Dashboard

Learning Management Dashboard 

Train your employees against real threats that end up in their inbox  

With Business Email Compromise (BEC) and other zero-day threats on the rise, it’s more important than ever to train your employees on how to protect themselves, and your business, from malicious links and emails. Training should involve interactive, ongoing instruction that familiarizes users with the basics of spotting BEC scams. With another recent release, PhishMe operators can enroll in our 2023 Current Threats playbook. This playbook enables you to easily condition your end users to recognize and report against current threats, like BEC, seen in the wild. Each template was carefully selected and ordered based off information collected from our huge Cofense data set and strategically aligns as a perfect follow-on to our 2022 Current Threats playbook. 

2023 Current Threats Playbook

2023 Current Threats Playbook 

The award-winning Cofense Content library, at your fingertips 

Keeping up with the best-in-class Content doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task. With Cofense’s award-winning content library, everything you need is right at your fingertips. The best part? All of the Content is built in-house and updated monthly, so you no longer have to worry about keeping track of older information or losing courses due to partnerships ending. Enjoy the best LMS content available completely within PhishMe and continue to evolve your training program over time.  

Learning Catalog within PhishMe

Learning Catalog within PhishMe 

Get Cofense PhishMe and LMS today 

The release of PhishMe Integrated Learning is an exciting development that brings several benefits to businesses of all sizes. By empowering employees with the knowledge they need to identify and respond to potential phishing emails, organizations can prevent security breaches while saving time and resources. With an SAT and LMS under one console, businesses gain access to powerful tools backed by industry-leading expertise and support that create a more efficient environment. Whether you’re just getting started or already have well-established security protocols in place, PhishMe Integrated Learning can help your team deflect future threats and better secure the organization. To learn more about how this integration can benefit your business, contact [email protected] for more information or a full product demonstration.  


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