A cyber response playbook is a plan you develop that outlines the steps you will take in the event of a security incident. Most organizations keep their incident response plans very simple and then augment specific types of incidents with cyber response playbooks. Cofense helps many organizations with cyber response playbooks for phishing email.

Phishing emails are a specific type of security incident and require steps to identify an outbreak, determine the type of malware or method of attack involved, and then remove those emails from end-user’s inboxes to end the outbreak. With some organizations reporting hundreds of phishing emails per day, it becomes very difficult to sort the false reports from the actual phishing emails that pose a threat.

Cofense has a suite of products that are designed to help organizations with their entire cyber response playbook for phishing. When deploying the full suite of Cofense solutions, organizations can educate employees on how to identify and report phish, detect phish in their environment and respond quickly to remediate threats. Cofense PhishMe and Reporter help organizations develop phishing simulators and training aimed at conditioning end users to identify and report suspected phish, while Cofense Triage groups them together and applies a priority score so analysts know which email to look at first; Auto Quarantine, a feature in Cofense Vision, will remove phish from end user inboxes before they’ve had a chance to click on them.

Cyber response playbooks can be simple and easy to implement if you have the right vendor that can help you identify, prioritize and respond to any security incident.


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