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3 Ways MSPs/MSSPs are Helping SMBs Do More with Less Around Email Security – Consolidation Without Compromise

Today’s disruptive environment has caused small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to face unprecedented technological hurdles. And thanks to limited resources and a lack of cybersecurity experts, many SMBs are finding themselves even more vulnerable to costly attacks. As MSPs and MSSPs offer a range of essential services, businesses can reduce risks and optimize operations even while dealing with resource constraints. Let’s discuss three ways that MSPs and MSSPs can improve email security while enabling operational efficiency and vendor consolidation.

1. MSPs and MSSPs Offer Comprehensive Protection

Cybersecurity is a complex matter that SMBs struggle to manage with their limited resources. By outsourcing email security to MSPs and MSSPs, businesses benefit from in-depth knowledge and experience, enabling them to apply the latest security tools and techniques while ensuring compliance with the latest regulations. Plus, they have access to advanced tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning that can detect and respond to all types of threats, keeping SMBs protected from email spam, malicious attachments, and phishing attacks.

2. Vendor Consolidation

Dealing with numerous vendors can be challenging and time-consuming, requiring significant effort and resources. MSPs and MSSPs can streamline their services by delivering comprehensive cybersecurity solutions through a single vendor, reducing operational costs while enhancing efficiency. By consolidating vendors, SMBs can leverage better pricing, support, and customization, contributing significantly to their bottom line.

3. Operational Efficiency

SMBs often have limited budgets and a small workforce, and managing email security can be daunting. MSPs and MSSPs help SMBs optimize their operations by deploying advanced security solutions that automate mundane tasks like spam filtering, freeing up employees’ time to focus on other important areas of their business, like productivity, innovation, and revenue growth. As MSPs and MSSPs handle low-level tasks and proactively monitor and manage the email security environment, SMBs can rest assured their systems are always up-to-date and secure.

At Cofense we know how valuable MSPs and MSSPs are to the SMB market, and we have built a comprehensive email security solution specifically for MSPs/MSSPs. Protect+ MSP provides real-time, fully automated threat protection and security awareness training (SAT) all in one platform to keep clients safe from today’s most sophisticated phishing attacks.

Do More with Less

SMBs face a seemingly endless list of cybersecurity risks, and managing email security amid resource constraints can be a challenge. MSPs and MSSPs provide complete solutions, and SMBs benefit by reducing their infrastructure and workforce costs while minimizing the risks of cybersecurity issues. By their ability to scale up or down, MSPs and MSSPs can provide customized solutions that align with the unique requirements of SMBs, ensuring they have access to the latest technologies and resources to stay ahead of ever-evolving cyber threats.

With Cofense, MSPs and MSSPs can offer an ideal solution for SMBs looking to implement reliable and comprehensive email security against the backdrop of the budget and resource constraints facing today’s SMB organizations. With Protect+ MSP you can consolidate vendors, protect your business and achieve greater operational efficiency — doing more with less. SMBs can ensure their business stays ahead of the curve and focuses on growth opportunities in an increasingly digital world.

Don’t delay, ask your MSP/MSSP partner today if they are doing business with Cofense and how Protect+ MSP can help you consolidate without compromising the quality of your security program.

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