Exclusive Discount for Triage Customers


As a thank you to our Cofense Triage customers, we’re extending an exclusive special discount for Cofense Vision.

Stop Attacks 20x Faster with Cofense Vision. Exclusive Offer Available.

Cofense Vision enables your SOC team to understand the totality of a phishing attack. Working with Cofense Triage, our platform reveals “who else” received phishing emails reported by employees. It finds and quarantines ALL emails in an active phishing campaign, including unreported emails, so you can block the threat faster.

We’ve done the research. Cofense Vision takes Triage to the next level, allowing you to pinpoint and quarantine a threat in multiple inboxes and stop an attack 20x faster and more effectively across the entire organization.

Find phishing campaigns lurking in your email environment, faster
Search against a broader list of attributes to identify attacks
Better communicate the scope of the attack with the messaging team
Quarantine the threat to ensure it doesn’t spread
Get full visibility without the need for native rights to the mail environment

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Of active cyber attacks begin as phishing emails.

Average cost to deal with a phishing attack.

Of IT investment goes toward email security.

While 93% of attacks start as phishing emails, and the average cost to deal with an attack is $1.6M, only 4% of the typical IT budget is focused on email security.

Find the Entire Campaign One Cluster at a Time

Cofense Vision stores, indexes, and enriches a moving window of emails in a client environment. Using the Cofense Vision Discover feature, security operations teams are able to find the full breadth of an attack, quickly and efficiently.  Cofense Vision Discover can precisely determine all of the messages that are part of a phishing campaign across your ENTIRE organization. 

Search Against a Broader List of Criteria

Messages stored in Cofense Vision can be queried based upon Sender, Subject, and Date. As threat actors alter their techniques, operators can start hunting for similar items, and quickly find and mitigate attacks with similar patterns. The key to managing a phishing threat is being able to determine where that email is lurking in your email environment.  

Quarantine the Threat

Once the threat is detected, Cofense Vision Quarantine can rapidly isolate the messages in the Microsoft Exchange® or Office 365® mailboxes.  A simple click will quarantine the bad from all user inboxes, without disrupting your organization’s day-to-day activities.